Now send images in original quality via WhatsApp Desktop Beta

WhatsApp keeps launching new features and tries to make the app very user-friendly. While the platform offers the best opportunity to communicate with our loved ones, we can even share images to stay connected. However, one thing we have to compromise on is the image quality because when we transfer an image to someone using WhatsApp the image quality is significantly affected and to keep the image quality good we have to use other platforms like Wetransfer to transfer the link for parts to extract . Now, however, the social media company is working on a new feature that will allow users to send images in their original quality through WhatsApp Desktop Beta.

This feature will initially launch for WhatsApp on desktop, but it is possible that it will also come to iOS and Android at a later date.

This means that now we don’t have to worry about losing image quality or resolution while sending them through WhatsApp. This feature will be especially loved by agencies that use WhatsApp to get their posts/videos approved by clients.

When this feature is made available to beta testers, they will still be able to send images via a compression method, which will come in handy for those looking to save storage space.

This feature to send photos in their original quality is under development and will be released in a future update of the desktop application. There were also reports about this feature for Android, but the company has not officially shared anything about it, so we can wait for WhatsApp Desktop Beta to have this feature soon.

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