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Nothing Phone (2) receives NBTC certificate ahead of launch

It is rumored that Nothing, the technology company founded by Carl Pei, will unveil their long-awaited Nothing Phone (2) on July 11 at 4pm BST. However, no official announcement has been made by the company regarding this event. The upcoming device has several regional certifications approved, including the latest NBTC certification, indicating that it will soon be released in Thailand.

Nothing Phone (2) NBTC Certification

The recent NBTC certification has revealed the existence of a new smartphone, the Nothing Phone (2), which carries the model number A065. A recent certification has confirmed that a new phone is eligible for release in Thailand. While the certification doesn’t reveal any specific details about the device’s specs, it does confirm its eligibility for release, as previously announced. An analysis of the available information from the device is currently underway.

Rumored specs of nothing phone (2)

Nothing has been kept secret about their long-awaited flagship, the Nothing Phone (2). However, recent reports have revealed some notable features of the upcoming smartphone. A new smartphone is coming out with a spacious 6.7-inch AMOLED display. The screen is expected to offer high-definition resolution and a fast 120Hz refresh rate, promising users an immersive visual experience.

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The upcoming release of the Nothing Phone (2) has been confirmed to feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset, bringing users top-notch performance capabilities. This news has been verified by reliable sources. According to leaked benchmarks on Geekbench, an upcoming device is expected to pack an impressive 12GB of RAM and run on the latest Android 13.

Technology company Nothing has announced the release of their latest operating system, Nothing OS 2.0. The new system will be designed to provide users with a more streamlined and efficient user interface. Nothing OS 2.0 will be an overlay on top of the existing Android operating system. In an effort to provide long-term software support to its users, Nothing has announced that it will offer three major Android OS upgrades and three years of security updates. This dedication ensures that users can enjoy the latest features and security updates for an extended period of time.

It has been announced that the upcoming release of the Nothing Phone (2) will have a hefty 4,700 mAh battery. It provides users with longer periods of use without frequent charging.

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