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New PTA taxes on iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro

Are you planning to purchase a new iPhone 14 model? If the answer is yes, you have to pay PTA tax to register it. You must pay the tax and customs duty within 30 days to register your phone 14 with PTA and use local network. Recently, PTA has increased taxes on these phones, which has made the overall price of the phone too high. Because of this exorbitant cost, most members of society cannot afford it. Due to the fact that only the wealthy elements of society can afford the iPhone 14, it creates a social divide and serves as a symbol of wealth.

Newly updated PTA loads on iPhone 14 Pro series

Here are the new updated PTA loads on the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro max models

Devices PTA tax on passport (PKR) PTA tax on CNIC (PKR)
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 131,000 152,424
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 127,000 145,801

The PTA levies on imported mobile phones have increased significantly in recent months. This may be due to the fall of the rupee and low state bank reserves. That is why the government currently wants to block imports in order to stabilize the economy. This is a good move for retailers who import phones in bulk, but we won’t find it appropriate for a normal user who only imports phones for personal use. Furthermore, you can use our PTA tax calculator if you have any questions about these taxes or if you want to know the PTA tax for another smartphone.

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