New logo of Lahore Qalandars copied from Stock Image

Occasionally we come across such news related to cricket and it is quite funny. Recently Shaheen Afridi, Club Captain of Lahore Qalandars’ came up with a new logo of Lahore Qalandars. He said that he will get the logo for Lahore Qalandars’ kit done by himself and everyone was eagerly waiting to see it. However, the logo has amazed people and Pakistani cricket fans all over the world, not because of its uniqueness and high-quality design, but because of something else.

The team’s fans were excited about the work, but this excitement couldn’t last long as the logo was simply copied as is from the stock photo website AdobeStock.

This is quite embarrassing for a team and a huge mistake on the part of the team as it not only sparked controversy on social media but also raised concerns about the team’s authenticity and moral character as they had claimed that Shaheen Afridi himself made their stolen emblem.

Lahore Qalandars CEO Atif Rana has revealed that Shaheen Afridi, the skipper, will design a new uniform for eight seasons of However, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was not very pleasant.

Here is the new logo of Lahore Qalandars

In addition to copying the stock photos, many critics also felt that this new logo did not represent the team in any way. As the team prepares for the upcoming PSL, Lahore’s new uniforms are expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

Let’s see how the team will respond to this accusation.

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