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Netflix rolls out the “My Netflix” tab for quick access to saved shows and downloads

The Netflix mobile app is getting a new ‘My Netflix’ tab. That new tab is meant to help users find the shows they want to watch more quickly. Netflix has announced a new feature for iOS and Android worldwide. That new feature appears as a tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen, replacing the old “Downloads” tab.

According to the company, My Netflix will be a dedicated space where you can see your downloads, TV series and movies that you liked. It also contains the shows and movies you have saved in My List. In addition, you can also see the trailers you’ve watched, reminders you’ve set, shows you haven’t finished, content you’ve watched, and more.

Netflix rolls out the “My Netflix” tab for quick access to saved shows and downloads

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The tab is described as a bespoke one-stop shop that provides shortcuts to the shows and movies you want to watch. And it seems that the more you interact with it, the more content appears on the tab.

If you are an iPhone user, you can take advantage of this new feature starting today. Android phone owners are not getting this feature now. They have to wait a while. Netflix says it will roll out this new feature for Android sometime in early August.

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