Netflix no longer lets you share your account for free

Netflix has tested a way to prevent account sharing. The change is now going live in the United States. With the new change, you can no longer share your Netflix account for free.

Netflix previously announced that it would begin blocking password sharing in the US before July 2023. Now the company sends emails to accounts that can be accessed in multiple locations. This change is already available in certain other countries.

Netflix no longer lets you share your account for free

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Netflix accounts now have a separate “household” where streaming is allowed. However, anyone outside that area will need a paid additional member slot, or they can transfer their profile to a separate account. The additional member slot on Standard or Premium plans is $7.99 per month, which is less expensive than a standalone Basic, Standard, or Premium plan. However, the additional member must be in the same country as the original account owner. However, people who receive Netflix through bundled packages or billed third-party accounts will not be able to set up additional members.

Even if you don’t share accounts with friends or family, traveling still gets more annoying. When you go somewhere, you have to request an access code from Netflix to access a TV.

Netflix is ​​the first platform to implement remote access restrictions. There are some chances that many people just cancel their account completely. However, if the company still makes higher profits in the end, other streaming services could try similar moves to squeeze more money out of existing users.

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