Nearly 500,000 players play Hogwarts Legacy on Steam before it actually releases

Harry Potter creator JK Rowling’s years of transphobic comments have made Hogwarts Legacy one of the most controversial video games of all time. Despite the backlash against it, Hogwarts Legacy is already a huge hit on Steam and Twitch. Hogwarts Legacy is currently the best selling game on Steam. Now that Deluxe Edition owners can play early, it’s already the most popular game on Twitch before its official release. According to SteamDB stats, almost 489,139 players are playing the game on Steam before it actually launches.

Nearly 500,000 players play Hogwarts Legacy on Steam before it actually releases

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Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t officially launch until February 10th. However, those players who paid extra for the deluxe edition could get started up to 72 hours earlier on February 7. The game does not appear in the Steam top 100 because it has not been officially released yet. If it did, it would now be at number three, ahead of PUBG and just behind Dota 2.

Similar figures can also be seen on Twitch. According to analyst platform Gamesight, Hogwarts Legacy is the largest single-player game launch in Twitch history based on concurrent viewership. The game surpassed Elden Ring, trailing only Valorant and Lost Ark for overall first place.

It’s interesting to see how many people download the game after its official release.

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