NayaTel vs Transworld – Which is Better?

Internet penetration in Pakistan has reached unprecedented levels. The internet is the backbone of connectivity. In this digital age, there is a very high demand for it in all corners of the world. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a vital role in connecting people to the Internet, which has undoubtedly become an essential aspect of contemporary life. NayaTel and Transworld are two of the very famous ISPs working in different cities of Pakistan. Both ISPs are relatively new compared to PTCL but offer excellent internet service. Therefore, choosing the best one for you can be a tough choice. However, don’t worry as we are going to share detailed information about both ISPs so that you can get a better idea of ​​which one to choose.

What features should you consider when choosing the best ISP?

Internet service providers provide the infrastructure that enables customers to connect to the Internet. They provide the hardware, including modems and routers, and make the connections needed to connect consumers to the Internet. ISPs are responsible for providing internet connections that are both fast and reliable. They invest in the necessary infrastructure to ensure that consumers can use the internet quickly and with few interruptions. There are several aspects to consider when selecting the best internet service provider (ISP). Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Connection type:

There are different forms of internet connections, including DSL, cable, fiber optic and satellite. Each connection type has its own pros and cons, so it’s crucial to know what’s available in your area and which connection type best suits your needs.

Download and upload speed:

The speed of your internet connection can affect your whole experience. Evaluate how you want to use the Internet and select a plan with speeds that match your needs.

Data Limits:

Several ISPs have data caps that limit the amount of monthly data usage. If you expect to use a significant amount of data, you may choose to choose an ISP that offers unlimited data plans.


The price of an internet package is an essential factor. Evaluate the prices and plans of different ISPs and select the one that best fits your budget.


Assess the reliability of the ISP by examining their uptime guarantee and customer testimonials.

Customer service:

In the event that you are having problems with your internet connection, you should have access to reliable customer service. Choose ISPs with excellent customer service and read customer service reviews.

Now we start with Nayatel.

Naya Tel:

Internet provider Nayatel has built a reputation in recent years. It has proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient ISPs. This service includes fiber-to-home (FTTH) networks that have made Islamabad one of the most optically connected and connected cities in the world. They also provide great customer service. Our ISP’s crew consists of highly qualified and talented individuals. From the beginning as an ISP, they have strived for constant improvement. In addition, they have proved to be one of the largest internet service providers in Islamabad. Nayatel offers various internet bundles.

NayaTel unlimited packages (for home use):

Packages bandwidth Price (rupees) Sources
Unlimited 10 10Mbps 1,675/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 15 15Mbps 2,050/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 20 20Mbps 2,475/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 25 25Mbps 2,950/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 30 30Mbps 3,450/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 50 50Mbps 5,250/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 70 70Mbps 7,650/month Unlimited internet
Unlimited 100 100Mbps 10,499/month Unlimited internet

NayaTel business packages (for offices):

Packages bandwidth Price (rupees) Sources
Connect 1024 30 M 30Mbps 10,700/month 1024 GB of data
Connect 1430 35 M 35Mbps 14,900/month 1430 GB of data
Connect 2048 35 M 35Mbps 21,400/month 2048 GB of data
Connect 2560 40M 40Mbps 26,900/month 2560 GB of data
Connect 3072 40M 40Mbps 33,600/month 3072 GB of data
Connect 3580 45M 45Mbps 37,000/month 3580 GB of data

Internet hardware and installation costs: Rs. 15,000/-


Transworld is also a strong contender for fiber optic connections. It offers consistent speeds, excellent connectivity, and quick setup. When it comes to gaming, most data centers around the world offer low latency. This is not a feature of wireless or non-fiber connections. Transworld Home offers internet and television services at speeds of up to 100 Mbps and more than 100 HD channels in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, positioning itself as a premier provider of entertainment experiences.

This ISP’s affiliation with an international Tier-1 operator is its most notable feature. There are currently no other Internet providers with a Tier-1 network except Transworld. It offers various internet bundles with amazing speeds.

Packages bandwidth Price (rupees) Sources
20 Mbps package 20Mbps 2,199/month Unlimited internet
30 Mbps package 30Mbps 2,050/month Unlimited internet
50 Mbps package 50Mbps 3,299/month Unlimited internet
60 Mbps package 60Mbps 3,899/month Unlimited internet
75 Mbps package 75Mbps 4,999/month Unlimited internet
100 Mbps package 100Mbps 7,299/month Unlimited internet

Internet hardware and installation costs: Rs. 14,500/-

NayaTel vs Transworld: Which One is Best?

NayaTel has positioned itself as a diverse ISP by offering different types of internet bundles (home & business). Moreover, it has a huge presence in the country and has been active for a long time. The user reviews related to NayaTel and its customer service are quite good. The internet speed and latency are also stable with very few glitches. In addition, it offers users a number of internet bundles to choose from. The company also offers an installment plan for paying for installation costs. In addition, Nayatel offers a discount of PKR 8,000/- on full payment of installment fees.

On the other hand, Transworld as an ISP is new compared to NayaTel. However, it is the only ISP with an international Tier 1 operation. According to feedback from a few users, the ISP offers blazing internet speeds with low latency. The customer support is also quite impressive and every complaint submitted by a user is given top priority. The ISP does not offer a wide range of internet bundles compared to NayaTel, but there are certain high-bandwidth bundles that are less expensive on Transworld. Unlike NayaTel, Transworld’s coverage is limited even in cities where it is available.

General, we would recommend NayaTel to our viewers due to more user feedback, reliability, coverage and bundle options. But if you contradict our verdict, feel free to share yours in the comment section!

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