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NADRA Launches Unique Iris Biometric Verification System –

AFTERTHE recently implemented a unique iris recognition system (tax authorities). This all-new system is designed to identify citizen deduplication to strengthen Pakistan’s biometric verification system. The newly launched IRS technology is suggested to supplement the existing one Nadra biometric verification system.

IRS technology is being rolled out in mega centers to complement NADRA biometric authentication

The Iris recognition system has been tested with great success at AFTERTHE Headquarters. Moreover, it has now been rolled out in NADRA Mega Centers in Blue Area Islamabad, PECO Road Lahore and DHA Karachi. Reports claim the technology will be deployed in phases as it will continue in all 700 NRCs across the country.

In a statement from the Data Regulatory Authority, it was revealed that:

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“Following the launch of fingerprint recognition as the first biometric deduplication modality more than a decade ago – which was subsequently enhanced with the ability to match facial images – the newly introduced Iris technology will complement the existing biometric system”

Now let’s see how this technology works. Nadra explained that the automated biometric identification modality registers distinctive patterns within a ring-shaped region that encloses the pupil of each eye for identification. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IRS is an extremely reliable and accurate method of identification with negligible rates of false matches. It is definitely a big step forward in securing citizens’ identities. Is it not? The fact is that since no two irises are the same, such an authentication method is not susceptible to identity duplication and theft.

FYI: Iris scanning is performed with a special infrared camera to read and digitize iris patterns, so it is almost impossible to fake or fake the identity of the iris. Nadra thinks IRS will not only further strengthen its unique identity issuance system, but also include biometric identification of children. It is a good step to secure the identity of Pakistani citizens. What do you think?

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