NADRA launches Nishan Pakistan platform to empower startups

NADRA recently released the beta version of the Nishan Pakistan platform. Let me tell you it is a platform designed to empower startups. It enables small and medium-sized businesses in the country to get the most out of their digital ID stack. It is undoubtedly a pioneering platform for young entrepreneurs and startups.

Nadra launches beta version of Nishan Pakistan Platform

According to NADRA President Tariq Malik:

“Nishan Pakistan is a pioneering platform created to provide commercial startups and young entrepreneurs with reliable and contactless biometric authentication through secure data exchange with NADRA.”

He further stated that this is the first of its kind; an online, secure and open platform for digital identity verification in the country. The platform offers endless possibilities and a plethora of use cases for businesses, including customer identification through biometrics. The platform will also provide an API gateway and an advanced sandbox so that you can experience smooth integration with other systems. In addition, it will also offer a range of services to help businesses with a seamless, consistent and connected experience. Nadra claims it will contribute to the ongoing effort to make Pakistan a truly digital nation.

The new platform is tipped to pave the way for the kind of market-creating innovation that powers a country’s economic engine. It will help create jobs and profits to foster a changing culture in society. Reports claim that Nishan Pakistan is rolling out for testing. Moreover, AFTERTHE is also seeking feedback to improve the functionality of the platform to create a strong digital ID system. The point worth noting is that all subscriptions on the platform are currently open. Interested companies can submit applications and wait for the approval process which, according to a promotional video, takes 10-15 days.

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