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MultiVersus is officially dead, but promises a comeback in 2024

Smashlike platform fighter MultiVersus is officially dead after 11 months in open beta. However, the full release is now scheduled for 2024. In March, it was announced that the game’s beta testing would finally end, with developer Player First Games pulling the plug on its servers on June 25.

This allows them to fully focus on improving and refining the game without having to worry about the live experience. The plan is for MultiVersus to make a grand return sometime in “early” 2024. It will be new and improved based on player feedback.

MultiVersus is officially dead, but promises a comeback in 2024

No refunds will be given to players who have spent money on the upgraded versions, premium currency, shop items or battle passes of the free-to-play fighter. Everything purchased, including unused currency, will be available for use once the game returns with a full launch.

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Players who own the game and have downloaded it before April 4 will still be able to play the training and local multiplayer modes, with all characters and cosmetic items from the Battle Pass and Shop fully unlocked during the game’s hiatus.

If you have installed the game, you can still play it in a limited capacity. You have access to local competitions and the training room. However, all online modes and features are no longer available.

The gameplay will feature a wide variety of well-known characters such as Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Rick and Morty and many others. We’re not sure when exactly the game will be available again.

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