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How To Monetize Your Blog Traffic With HilltopAds Network

Ad networks act as one of the popular source for blogger or webmasters to make money online. It doesn’t require any specific skills to bag some cash. If you have a website with decent traffic, you are good to go with good paying ad-networks that seem promising with their unique feature, relevant ads, and timely payouts. We better know the widely used advertising network is Google’s own AdSense which provides its authority itself. As the number of fraudulent activities and spamming has been increased among digital marketers, AdSense became vigorous in banning accounts.

We have seen people blaming Google for terminating their accounts even without knowing their activities that violate AdSense Terms. If you think AdSense is out of reach for you (or you need an alternate earning source), you should definitely look for some best Adsense alternative. Here in this article, you are going to get introduced with an ad-network that became quite popular among publishers within a short time just because of their quality ad serving and high payouts.

A Short Introduction

If you are a person having the interest in digging the background, you will find out the fact that HilltopAds is fairly new to the market as compared to other ad-network. But despite latecomer, the daily stats tell its success story. Till date, the current stats speak about their performance. They currently serve around 150 million daily impressions that include authentic impressions on mobile popunder, mobile banner, regular banner etc..

Below, you will come to know some interesting features of HilltopAds that seem quite promising for publisher traffic monetization.

Why should You Join HilltopAds as a Publisher?

Being a publisher, you want to maximize your revenue, right? Are you fed up of Adblocker revenue drop? Disappointed from Adsense because your account got disabled. Looking to make some extra money by referring your friends. If all these your goals then quickly check out this ad-network features and figure out whether HilltopAds seems reasonable to try once or not?

Save Adblock Revenue Loss with Anti-Ad Blocking Solution

Ad blockers are the real pain for website owners, whose income solely depends on display advertisements. These ad blockers hide all display advertising and allow visitors to access website contents without leaving any impression or third party clicks. Hence, there is a massive drop in publishers revenue and a big disappointment for bloggers or content creators who provide free information with the hope of few penny in return from ads.

Keeping aside all, HilltopAds comes with interesting integration that doesn’t permit readers to get away easily without interacting with relevant ads. No matter your visitors use ad blockers, despite that due to strong anti-ad block codes of HilltopAds, your ads always display to your visitors.

Anti Adblock HilltopAds

Zero Transaction Fee

We have seen many payment methods to receive funds. Almost every payment platform charges transaction fee from the fund we receive and in the end, we end up worrying about the lost amount. You won’t feel disappointed about the whopping transaction fee for the payment from HilltopAds. They will cover all the fees and make sure that you get all the money you earned.

In your account, you need at least $50 to be eligible to get the money. Either you can follow the Net7 payment holding policy or you can set a higher threshold amount.

HilltopAds supports the following payment methods,

  • Bitcoin
  • Paxum
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • ePayments
  • Webmoney
  • ePayService

Multiple Types of Ads

You know ad placement has a lot to do with the click through rate. As long as you don’t place the right ads at the right place, you won’t get the maximum CTR and it negatively affects your earning.

To display relevant ads and maximizing profit, you always in need of good ad size option availability. Yes, HilltopAds comes with an ad format size which helps publishers to chose according to their desire and traffic monetization strategy.

  • Desktop banners 300×250 – in video, bottom banners
  • Mobile banners 300×250 –footer, header, middle
  • IM (Instant Messenger)
  • Mobile popunder
  • Desktop popunder
  • In-Player ads

No Minimum Traffic or Website Restriction

This is the fact that, All website is not same and all don’t have similar traffic. Everyone can’t achieve a million hits on any website within a short span of time. But that doesn’t mean any medium volume traffic or growing website is impossible to monetize. HilltopAds’ always looking to accept even growing blogs to serve ads. But you must know that a decent traffic figure (not millions, though) is needed for you to earn a healthy amount every month.

They don’t classify sites and restrict any specific class from serving their ads. No matter which type of site you have (micro niche, gaming, blog, entertainment, news, etc.), all they care about is the quality of the website. Don’t think you can scam them, though the algorithm regularly catches fraudsters red-handed.

Make Extra Money From Referrals

You can earn something extra with the help of HilltopAds’ referral program that pays 5% commission. Once you bring someone to the network (publisher or advertiser), they need to earn or spend money to get you the profit.

Why should You Join HilltopAds as an Advertiser?

An advertiser needs the maximum ROI for their investment. Does HilltopAds provide you with that? Let’s find out,

Real-time bidding system

When you set up an ad campaign, you have to set a bidding amount to start with. Sooner or later, there’s a chance for the targeting keyword (or location) to have higher bids. HilltopAds allows you to change the amount in real-time to ensure you stay on top.

Traffic from Direct Publishers Only

Even though HilltopAds doesn’t follow any strict guidelines for publishers, but they constantly analyze how the publishing websites perform. Based on the top performing sites they allow to target and display most relevant ads. So, need not worry about the traffic sources because the visitors come only from direct publishers.

Advanced Targeting

HilltopAds contains different targeting techniques to get you the maximum leads per visits ratio. You can filter out the global audience on the basis of location, device, searched keywords, browser, etc. and deliver your campaign to the selected ones.

A few more

  • Self-service for advertisers
  • Own ad server solution
  • Integration with mobile tracking systems
  • CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, PPI, CPL payment models

How To Get Started With HilltopAds

Well, you are curious to know how publisher or advertiser can sign up and start making money or run a campaign respectively.

  • First of all, you need to visit the signup page.
  • Fill out your details and hit on signup button.
  • You will get a confirmation email link to verify. Check your email and confirm,
  • As soon you finish, you will be redirected to the dashboard where it asked to complete your profile details and payment info.
  • For the publisher, you need to click on “Manage site and Zone” from the left menu and complete the publisher application form. Once you will submit then your details will be awaiting approval and someone will contact via Email or Messenger for further help.
  • In few hours, your account will be activated and you are ready to place ad codes.

Final Verdict

Making extra money from blogging is always productive and it becomes more interesting when affiliate referral revenue going to be included. Yes, keeping in mind publishers’ interest HilltopAds comes with a variety of payment options, regular payment, referral earning and serves most relevant ads by being a trusted network for both publishers as well as advertisers.

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