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Microsoft will launch GPT-4 next week with AI video feature

Microsoft officials have confirmed some details about the rumor GPT-4, including the release date and major upgrade. And according to the details, it won’t take months or weeks to arrive.

We can certainly expect it to be more advanced than ChatGPT and GPT 3.5, but as the information says about it, it seems much better than our expectation as it will be multimodal. Let’s dive deeper into the details below.

Open AIs GPT-4 for multimodal language models

Microsoft will launch GPT-4 next week with AI video feature

The GPT-4 AI technology, the successor to GPT-3 AI technology that powers the popular ChatGPT, will be developed by Open AIand the launch will take place this week.

And there is no way to doubt this information as it was revealed by Andrew BrownCTO of Microsoft Germany, in an event called “AI in focus – Digital kick-off“.

As we all know, the AI-powered ChatGPT and Bing Chat currently only allow text input to interact with users, and also show all answers and results in the form of text, and this could change soon.

With multimodal capabilities, GPT-4 allows users to communicate in various ways such as text, Pictures, soundsand maybe even videos.

For example, it will work transcription of the audio file and can extract the text from the given image.

In addition, this GPT-4 will have the ability to Generate AI videos with the given text by users, which will also be the main feature of ChatGPT’s upcoming app.

With all those features, there will be some other improvements like generating human-like answersproduce results fasterand more.

Earlier, Microsoft also announced that it was switching 100 million daily active users on the Bing search engine. The main reason behind this success is the recently launched BinChat driven by GPT-3.5.

However, Andrew Brown didn’t say anything about GPT-4 implementation in Bing Chat, so we can’t say exactly when the user will get all those features we mentioned above.

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