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Microsoft Unveils ‘New Bing’ Powered by Open AI’s ChatGPT

a leak came out last week that reported that Microsoft is working on integration Open AIs ChatGPT technology in their search engine Bing which will be its main interface.

So today Microsoft has now officially announced this new version of the Bing search engine that offers a new chat feature, powered by Open AI’s ChatGPT, which is available for use by limited users.

Microsoft's New ChatGPT Powered Bing Full Details

Now, when you check out in every browser, so you won’t see many interface design changes, but you will see a new “Ask me everything” bar instead of a regular search bar.

With this you may get results in the form of chat like ChatGPT but it is said to be more advanced than ChatGPT as it works together with much better conversation methods like markers and clarity in words.

Moreover, it also represents his opinion on certain points to make chats more interactive with users. With all that, it will also be the sources of his results and your questions perfect terms to search the internet.

It was previously rumored to run on the GPT-4 language model, but as revealed today, it’s running GPT-3.5. It’s also not limited to just their Edge browser, but we’ll see some in the future integrated functions.

Now, Microsoft also plans to deliver OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to businesses, schools and governments, so they can even use it to create their own AI chatbots, according to a report from CNBC.

How to try out Bing’s chat feature

How to try out Bing's chat feature

As of today, this new Bing feature is now open for anyone to try, and you can even try it, but you’ll have to wait on the waiting list.

To get on the waiting list, go to Bing. com and click the “Chat” or “Try It” button above (it will show up if you’re signed in), as shown in the image, and follow the instructions. When you’re allowed to use it, you’ll receive email and notifications on your Bing homepage.

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