Microsoft restricts access to AI technology used by Bing-powered search engines

Artificial intelligence has made remarkable strides in recent times, with examples of AI passing legal exams and even assisting in court cases. However, with such progress comes competition among companies looking to capitalize on this latest technology boom. According to a report, Microsoft is taking steps to ensure its Bing search engine is not used by rival companies to power their AI chatbots. Microsoft has reportedly informed two Bing-powered search engines that they will restrict access to Microsoft’s AI technology.

In case of non-compliance:

If these companies fail to comply, Microsoft has threatened to pull the plug completely. The exact identities of the companies in question are not known, but we do know that Bing has links to platforms such as Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and

Bing-powered search engines face limitations

While the size of Bing’s arsenal used by each offshoot varies, the integration allows these programs to gather information faster than they could independently. So withdrawing access to Microsoft’s AI technology could have serious consequences for these companies. Microsoft is careful about sharing its AI technology because it doesn’t want competitors using Bing to fuel their own AI chatbots.

According to reports, Microsoft suspects that one or more of these companies may be in breach of contract by using Bing beyond agreed limits. If true, the offending search engine can be removed from the Microsoft platform. While the company has issued a cease and desist warning, it remains unclear whether the unknown search engine has abandoned its alleged breach of contract.

However, as the AI ​​boom continues to accelerate, questions have been raised about the fundamental design of AI and whether it will indeed benefit humanity. Nevertheless, ChatGPT and other programs have already shown impressive learning abilities, surpassing even human students in some cases. ChatGPT even showed a playful side by offering its take on why the Shazam: Fury of the Gods movie struggled at the box office, adding to its already impressive list of accomplishments.

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