Microsoft plans to introduce upgraded Office apps with AI features

In addition, the company also introduced a new Edge with a built-in “AI copilot”. The notable thing here is that it is also powered by Prometheus. A button in the top right corner of the Bing interface gives users quick access to the new chat features. The best part is that it’s like having ChatGPT in your browser. The tech giant now wants its AI technology to be able to generate charts and images for use in PowerPoint or Excel. According to some reports, Microsoft also wants its AI model to be able to generate text using simple prompts in its Office apps.

This is not at all surprising that Microsoft seems to be in a hurry to launch new AI-powered features for its products. The company seems to be moving fast to get as many people as possible to start using their products before Google can launch its ChatGPT rival.

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Everyone is a bit scared of these AI Bots these days. Is it not? Reports claim that Microsoft was actually supposed to introduce the new Bing at the end of February, but it pushed back and scheduled the launch before Google’s Bard announcement. The company is also expanding its list of AI-powered features, which is pretty obvious considering it recently signed a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI.

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