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Microsoft empowers enterprises with free AI courses| Phone world

Microsoft recently announced the official launch of a brand new artificial intelligence (AI) training project with the intention of broadening access to AI skills by offering free courses. The training courses have been developed in collaboration with Microsoft, owner of LinkedIn, and are made available via the LinkedIn Learning platform.

The introductory ideas of artificial intelligence and frameworks for responsible AI are covered in the courses, which will initially be launched in English only. Participants will receive a certificate of completion in Career Essentials upon successful completion of the course.

In the future, anyone interested in teaching will have access to a trainer toolset with an artificial intelligence course designed specifically for teachers. A spokesperson said that the guide is aimed at trainers within companies as well as instructors working in educational institutions.

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While there is continued interest in deploying generative AI, many companies still lack the AI ​​skills needed for timely implementation. Companies like Microsoft are betting that providing free access to training will encourage companies to embrace their products.

A poll of 2,900 IT professionals conducted by Equinix in June found that more than two in five IT leaders are concerned about their teams’ ability to accept the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Microsoft is not the only company trying to close the gaps that need to be filled in order to effectively use and personalize the plethora of AI technologies now available in the market. In May, Google also introduced a collection of generative AI trainings that were made available to users for free. The introductory principles, image creation, image captioning models, encoder-decoder architecture, transformer and BERT models are all topics covered in this course.

Microsoft’s AI Skills Project includes a global grant program to collect additional ways to train people in generative AI. This is one of the many ways employees can be trained.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the funding is intended to encourage organizations focused on equitable and community-led applications of generative artificial intelligence with historically excluded populations. The initiative is actively seeking applications from academic or research institutions, as well as social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The selection of the winners will take place in the autumn.

The AI ​​for Good Lab at Microsoft, as well as Microsoft-owned data.org and GitHub, are the sponsors of the program. The selected cohort will receive financial support in addition to access to Azure-powered cloud computing resources, data training, and technical coaching from specialists employed by both Microsoft and GitHub.

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