Microsoft announces the Foldable Surface Duo 3

Smartphones launched by Microsoft are usually said to be unsuitable for the market. The launch of the new Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 lived up to people’s claim. while other brands worked on the Fords, Microsoft relied on a dual flat screen, thinking people would like it more. This experiment was a total failure, as sales of foldable screens increased, while Surface Duo hardly sold at all. Now it seems that Microsoft is on the right track as a report from sources familiar with business plans revealed that Microsoft is working on foldable Surface Duo 3.

Surface Duo 3 is said to have a folding inner screen and a flat outer screen. It would be somewhat similar to Vivo X fold and Honor Magic VS. The sources also revealed that the device has been through a long year of hardware prototyping and experimentation, which means we can expect something big.

The company has announced that Microsoft Surface Duo will arrive by the end of this year with a dual-screen design of its predecessor, but with narrower and taller edge-to-edge displays, wireless charging, and other undisclosed improvements. Later, the company decided to go for a real folding screen. This change may delay the launch at the end of the year, so the actual date is not yet known.

Other than that, we have no details on the specs of the device and I think it’s quite early to know about it now. All we know so far is that Microsoft is finally about to enter the real foldable phone race and is ready to compete with the market.

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