Meta’s Messenger ‘Roll Call’ feature lets you see what everyone is doing in group chat

Meta is reportedly testing a new Messenger feature internally. It’s basically a Messenger Roll Call feature that lets you see what everyone is up to in a group chat through their front and back cameras. It’s like a private version of BeReal that was spotted on Instagram last year, but now a more elaborate version has appeared in Messenger.

Messenger Roll Call feature is like a private version of BeReal

The point worth noting is that the feature is an internal prototype and is not tested externally. It was told by Meta spokesperson Liz Sweeney, but don’t worry. There are a few screenshots that give us an idea of ​​how it might work anyway. Would it ever make it to Messenger or other Meta apps? According to Navarra’s post, users in a Messenger group chat are given five minutes to respond to a roll call with their own photos.

Let me tell you that the person who initiates the roll call can add custom prompts to request photos of people’s lunches or pets. Like BeReal, users wouldn’t be able to see other people’s roll calls until they posted their own roll call.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen social giant Meta working on a feature that works exactly like BeReal. Back in December, Meta announced it was testing something called Candid Stories for Instagram. This feature gives you a daily notification to remind you to post a candid post, which people can only see after they’ve made a candid post themselves. The company revealed that it is working on something similar for Facebook Stories.

The fact is, Messenger seems to be a bit different as it targets private groups other than public messaging. So let’s wait until there is a global notification about a feature like BeReal.

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