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Meta is testing Instagram reels on Quest headsets

That has Facebook parent company Meta began testing the ability to play the “Reels” short video feature on his Quest headset for the Instagram app. This feature allows users to seamlessly watch and browse Reels videos using the virtual reality (VR) headset.

Meta is testing Instagram reels on Quest headsets

Meta is testing Instagram reels on Quest headsets

Announcement of the new feature on Meta’s Instagram broadcast channel, Meta’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said, “We’re testing Reels on Quest.” He also shared a 13-second video explaining what a Reel would look like in virtual reality (VR), complete with the standard Reels features and components, including captions and other controls.

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Speak to in a statement The edgesaid an Instagram spokesperson Tatin Yang that the scrolls will appear in your Meta Quest Explore feed and will only be available to a “small number of people” for now.

Instagram runs on Quest headset

Meta tests Reels on Quest
Source: meta

The news that Meta is testing the “Reels” feature on its Quest headset comes about a week after Zuckerberg announced its next-generation virtual and mixed reality headset, “Quest 3.”

This is the first mainstream high-resolution mixed reality headset, with better displays and resolution, and 40% thinner. The 128 GB headset comes with an option for additional storage. It will be powered by the next generation Qualcomm chipset that delivers twice the graphics performance of the previous generation Snapdragon GPUs in Quest 2.

“On Quest 3, our best-in-class Meta Reality technology allows you to effortlessly blend your physical and virtual worlds. These new experiences go beyond today’s mixed reality by intelligently understanding and interacting with objects in your real-world area, allowing you to navigate through them in natural, intuitive ways that were previously practically impossible,” the company said in its blog post. .

Starting at $499.99, Quest 3 is compatible with the full library of Quest 2 launching later this year. More information will be revealed at Meta’s Connect conference on September 27.

It is currently unknown how and when Reels will be integrated into Meta’s Instagram app for the Quest, as well as when it will become available for widespread use or testing.

Recently, Apple launched its long-awaited high-end mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, for $3,499which is likely a threat to Meta’s Quest headsets despite the price.

By integrating Reels into VR, Meta aims to make VR more social and engaging by offering a unique experience to its users with the seamless fusion of the physical and virtual worlds.

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