Mesothelioma Housing Assistance: Where to Find It

Mesothelioma housing assistance may not be one of the first things you think of when you receive a mesothelioma diagnosis. That is understandable. You probably have many other priorities at that time such as treatment options and medical insurance. Perhaps you’re considering initiating a lawsuit against the businesses that exposed you to asbestos thereby causing your mesothelioma and you are focused on that. But there may come a time when you and your family may need mesothelioma housing assistance. The best time to explore options for that time is now.

Mesothelioma Housing Assistance from Trusted Sources

Mesothelioma housing assistance, like other aspects of your mesothelioma, is an important and sensitive topic that needs to be handled with care. Although mesothelioma continues to affect thousands of people in the U.S., it is a relatively small percentage of the overall number of Americans with cancer.

In 2012, there were an estimated 13,776,251 people living with all types of cancer in the United States. About 3,000 of those people are those with mesothelioma. It is a good idea to take advantage of the resources made available to people with all types of cancer in addition to resources specifically for mesothelioma. You and your family may find the mesothelioma housing assistance you need from longstanding trusted resources within the cancer community.

Mesothelioma Housing Assistance During Treatment

Sometimes a mesothelioma treatment that is recommended for you may not be available close to home. Ask your oncologist to help you explore options for overnight accommodations. Many treatment centers have short-term housing centers or discount programs set up with motels and hotels located nearby. The clinic social worker or oncology nurse on your care team may have suggestions for low-cost housing during hospital or clinic treatment.

Here are several well-established programs to explore for mesothelioma housing assistance during treatment:

The Healthcare Hospitality Network (800-542-9730) is an association of over 200 nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to cancer patients who are receiving medical treatment away from home and for their family members.

The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge (800-227-2345) offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay while receiving treatment in another city. At present, there are 30 Hope Lodge locations located throughout the United States.

Joe’s House (877-563-7468) is a nonprofit organization that maintains a nationwide online service to help cancer patients and their families find lodging near treatment centers.

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation has a travel grant program to help newly diagnosed patients afford the travel and lodging costs for mesothelioma treatment far from home. To apply, call 805-563-8400.

Mesothelioma Housing Assistance From Family and Friends

Mesothelioma housing assistance could come from your own circle of family and friends. Explore with your oncologist whether your treatment options include a destination near where any extended family members or friends live. In addition to providing you with mesothelioma housing assistance, meals, and transportation to the hospital, they may also be a special source of emotional support for you at this important time. It may be very precious and meaningful for them to have you stay with them and to be able to do something important to help you.

Mesothelioma Housing Assistance With Rent Or Mortgage Payments

The high costs of mesothelioma treatment or the significant loss of family income if you can no longer work may make it hard for you and your family to pay your mortgage or rent on time. To maintain a good credit rating, talk with your mortgage lender or landlord about your mesothelioma diagnosis and try to make special arrangements. Family, friends, or your church may be able to give you short-term help if they are told about the problem. Also talk with your cancer team social worker who may know of special resources.

It is also worth talking with your local county department of social services to find out if you may qualify for any government-supported housing programs.

Also if you have filed a mesothelioma lawsuit, be sure to talk to your mesothelioma attorney. If you have urgent financial needs for housing support – or anything else – talking to your attorney is a wise move. He or she may be able to expedite settlements,  push some bankruptcy trust claims through under exigent health and financial needs provisions of bankruptcy trust plans, or otherwise help you access funding.





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