Mesothelioma Help Through Travel Tips

Mesothelioma help for travel may be one of the most important types of mesothelioma help you’ll ever need. Of course, every type of mesothelioma help is valued and needed, whether it is as simple as someone bringing over a meal to share or taking your dog for a walk.  It can be as complex as getting help sorting out your taxes and medical expenses (which your mesothelioma lawyers can assist you in compiling).

But mesothelioma help with travel can get you to and from medical treatments. And that is the kind of mesothelioma help that is critical when you are fighting for your health.

At Mesothelioma Circle, we understand that your time is precious to you. So we have done the research and pulled together tips on where to go to get help for mesothelioma travel.

Mesothelioma Help For Flight Discounts

Reaching mesothelioma help at faraway destinations can depend on extra-friendly skies. These may be in the form of unused seats on corporate jets or caring private pilots with their own planes.

Corporate Angel Network:   Here are some wonderful words from this organization’s website: Cancer patients fly free. This organization coordinates with patients, physicians, corporate flight departments and leading cancer treatment centers across the US to arrange more than 2,500 flights a year for cancer patients on unused seats on private corporate jets. Over 500 major US corporations are participants in this unique program.

 LifeLine Pilots: LifeLine Volunteer Pilots is another source of free flights. Pilots donate their time, their aircraft and their flying skills to help all kinds of patients with travel needs. Since 1981, LifeLine Pilots have flown over 7500 flights for people who otherwise would not be able to reach centers to receive the medical care they need. They also will fly relatives and friends to visit loved ones who are terminally ill.

Mercy Medical Airlift:  Started in 1972, this program has transported nearly 156,000 patients to needed medical treatment. It works with major airlines to obtain free or deep-discount airline tickets for patients and patient escorts. Currently this program flies about 8,000 patients and escorts per year. For flights within a 750 mile radius, the program also coordinates with volunteer pilots with private planes. Ground transportation with free bus and Amtrak tickets can also be arranged for trips of 300 miles or less.

Mesothelioma Help With Overnight Lodging

Mesothelioma help with overnight lodging can be an important component of making sure that you receive the best mesothelioma treatment possible.

It is possible, especially if you live in a rural area, that a mesothelioma treatment recommended for you may not be available within reasonable driving distance of your home.

Or if you and your doctor have found a clinical trial you would like to participate in, it may involve travel as far as across the country and a long period of time of staying near the clinical trial study center.

Ask your oncologist’s staff to help you find cancer patient-friendly options for overnight accommodations. Many treatment centers have short-term housing centers or discount programs set up with motels and hotels located nearby. Clinical trial coordinators may also be able to provide information about housing possibilities. Your hospital’s social worker may have suggestions for help with lodging for a family member or close friend who may be accompanying you during hospital or clinic treatment.

Not worrying about where to stay or how to pay for these expenses will help you focus on your health.

ACS Hope Lodge:  The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodges provides cancer patients and those who accompany them with a nurturing free place to stay while receiving treatment far from home.  There are 30 Hope Lodge locations located throughout the United States.

Joe’s House  Joe’s House is a nonprofit organization that maintains a nationwide online service to help cancer patients and their families find lodging near treatment centers. The website lists thousands of places to stay across the country that offer a discount for traveling patients and their loved ones.

Hospital Hospitality Homes  This nationwide professional association of nearly 200 nonprofit organizations associated with hospitals provide lodging and support services to patients, families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment away from their home communities.

 3 Tips For Mesothelioma Help With Air Travel

  1. Keep your doctor in the loop. Your local doctor needs to be a key player in your plans for treatments at distant locations. Your doctor’s staff can convey all your medical information to wherever you are going. They can also contact the medical center you are traveling to so you can stay on schedule for any treatment therapies you have already started. You may also need signed notes from your doctor to make airport check-ins go as swiftly and smoothly as possible.


  1. Plan ahead for your prescription medications. Bring an adequate supply with you in your carry-on bag instead of your checked luggage, which could get lost. Ask your doctor’s office for a printout with their contact information, as well as your diagnosis and treatment. Ask them to include the name of each medicine, preferably also with the generic name. Keep all your medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, in the original packaging for easier airport security checks. If you need special medical equipment such as oxygen, check ahead of time whether the airline will allow it onboard.


  1. At the airport, use any extra convenience available for you. Request a wheelchair. Ask for priority check-in and take advantage of the opportunity to board early. Let the airline staff assist you at both ends of the flight. Don’t be too shy to ask for assistance. The airlines are accustomed to providing extra assistance to passengers who need it and the staff wants you to be as comfortable as possible. Take the time to phone the airline to inquire about flights at the least busy times.


Finding travel and housing resources for you or your family when you are going through the emotional and physical challenges of a mesothelioma diagnosis can be a daunting task. Fortunately, as we outlined, a number of organization pride themselves on helping cancer patients travel to their treatment centers, find housing during treatment, and rally emotional support for patients and their families at a time when it is needed the most.

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