Meet Google MusicLM: AI chatbot for text-to-music

While everyone is obsessed with Chatgpt, Google has created a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that it claims is bigger than Chatgpt. Called Google MusicLM, it can produce music in any genre based on a text description.

Google creates a new chatbot “MusicLM”

According to some media reports, the search giant has opted to make the system publicly available due to ethical concerns. Keunwoo Choi, an AI scientist at Gaudio Lab tweeted:

“Whoa, this is bigger than ChatGPT for me. Google has almost solved music generation.”

The point worth noting is that MusicLM is not the first generative AI system for music. However, you can say that it is the first AI bot to create songs with “high-fidelity” and complicated composition. The algorithm has the ability to produce numbers that make sense for “substantial complexity” descriptions. They achieved this goal after being trained on a data set of 280,000 hours of music.

The remarkable thing here is that the system can build on existing melodies when they are whistled, hummed, sung or played on an instrument. In addition, Google researchers claim that it can also use a series of sequentially written descriptions to make it into a musical “story” or narrative. Furthermore, MusicLM can also be directed by a combination of an image and a caption. Undoubtedly, it can produce music from a certain kind of instrument played in a certain style.

The point worth noting is that the system can technically synthesize vocals. Because of this, the results are far from ideal and have problems such as distorted samples. In fact, one of the main critical issues for Google is the potential for MusicLM to use training data containing copyrighted material in the songs produced. The researchers found that one percent of the music produced was copied directly from the songs it was trained on.

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