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MediaVenus Review – Monetize Your Traffic With Maximum Profit

Native advertising offers a good solution when the webmasters experience a massive drop in revenue during displaying ads that appear on websites don’t match the topic the pages deal with. It gives an opportunity to place ads inside the feed and offering matching content as sponsored links. As long as something matching appears on a page, a user doesn’t think too much to click on it. Of course, native advertising is the new trend in digital marketing solely because of its premise-understanding nature.

Today, I am going to share a performance-based Native Advertising Network which focuses on most relevant ads and better revenue optimization for publishers. Let’s find out whether it deserves your website audience or not.

Being started in 2014, MediaVenus served numerous publishers and advertisers during the course of these three years. Right now, they have got publishers all around the world and it served around 190 million impressions so far.

Features of MediaVenus Native Advertising Network

Different Types of Ads

If you are familiar with native advertising, you know there aren’t many places to inject the ad code into. Still, MediaVenus offers multiple types of advertisements with no the limitations in the placements. The conventional native advertisements that you can embed at the end of the post and display recommendations are available. Those will definitely increase the CTR provided the content equivalency and the tradition of placing related posts at the end.

The banner ads are nothing new to a digital marketer as we see tons of them every day. MediaVenus offers that too in different size dimensions (300х250, 300х100 and 325х100).

The third one is relatively new to the set of ad types and seems to be providing maximum conversion too. It’s nothing but the pop-up ad that comes under two different categories, of which the first one shows up on the bottom of the screen and stays there as you scroll down whereas the second class appears at the center of the screen.

Easy to Use Interface

The signing up process is straightforward (will explain in the next section) and after that, you will get directed to the user profile where you can change anything you want (except the email, password, and country).

The necessary options are arranged in an easy to pick manner on the navigation bar. You can choose any of them to check necessary details; be it payments, statistics, website management or anything. They don’t seem to intimidate you with tons of gigantic terms and features, arranged in a clumsy manner.

Covers Many Topics

As stated earlier in the article, native advertising displays matching ads on web pages to increase the click through rate. When you sign up for a native ad network which with no campaigns on your niche, your revenue will find the bottom of the graph.

MediaVenus has tied up for different product category and advertiser to provide you with the most matching advertisements on your site. The following are some of the categories, under which MediaVenus has to get regular campaigns.

  • Slimming products
  • Beauty and health-related goods
  • Accessories
  • Dating
  • Mobile Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Electronics
  • Online Earning
  • Gamble/Casino (if legally permitted)

Gives a Personal Manager

English is not the first language of many website admins, no matter their website deals with the same. Many site owners hire high-quality writers for their platform and go on cashing in on the traffic without even taking efforts to learn the language.

So, they may find it difficult to contact the customer support team to tell their requirements in English and get what they exactly want. That’s why MediaVenus gives every customer a personal account manager to deal with all the queries (in your native language) you have and solve every issue you may come across. You can also raise support tickets on multiple languages. They will reply your ticket within the flash of the second with the necessary solution you want.

Safe for Your Site and Users

You know Google has become smart and started labeling sites as unsafe and not responsive even on the search result pages itself. So, it is nothing less than gambling to promote offers pointing to malware and keeping unresponsive banners on your blog.

MediaVenus has a dedicated team that periodically analyzes all the campaigns to validate the safety of both publishers and audience. No matter how much money a publisher makes by promoting malware, he/she will suffer in the long run after Google flags the site. MediaVenus’s campaign evaluation prevents that from happening and keeps your credibility intact without deteriorating it even a little bit.

Weekly Payments with Multiple Modes

Most of the ad networks follow a monthly payment schedule whereas MediaVenus has a weekly pattern. Whenever you hit $15 in cumulative earning, it will be sent to you through any of the methods they support. If you prefer keeping a low threshold, you can opt for PayPal, Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney, or credit cards. In the case of wire transfer is what you want, the earning should cross 500 dollars to make you eligible for the withdrawal.

Given the intelligent traffic analyzing technology of MediaVenus, none of your earning will get reduced due to invalid clicks or activity.

Affiliate Earning Source

Nowadays, most of the digital marketers started using new referral program as an extra source of income. They influence their followers or friends as a great option under their affiliate link. If you think you can convince a few such people using blogging, vlogging or webinars, you must try referral system.

Yeah, MediaVenus has a referral program, through which you get paid a 5% of what your referral earns. So, the referral commission can be an active source of passive income if you use it well. The link stays under referrals section on the navigation bar.

Caution: Do you think it is easy to make money sending bot traffic to your website with MediaVenus ads? Well, you will feel the heat as soon as you start doing such activity because they have an active traffic analysis team to flag the abnormal traffic. So, stay away from fraudulent activities to keep enjoying regular income from native ads placement.

How to Join MediaVenus?

You won’t have to rack the brain to fill simple form to sign up as publisher on MediaVenus. As you read already, you have to provide them with your email, country, and a password to begin with. Once you fill all the three fields, you will see your profile on the ad network. There you can add your full name and set up a payment method too.

sign up mediavenusThe next step, of course, is adding a website into the network so that you can sync both and start displaying ads right away. Hit Add Websites from the navigation and you will see a form in front of you with a few fields. You need to give the site topic, URL, statistics URL (link to the statistics page of the tool you use to track audience), stats are not necessary to provide, but it speeds up the moderation.

On completion, you can choose to add the widget directly on the site or go on adding another URL also. Whenever you want to check the analytics, the Statistics menu brings it down for you and the Balance presents payment history and current status of your funds.

Final Verdict

MediaVenus is a native ad network with relevant ad campaign, regular payout system, responsive customer care team, various niche support, and fraud-proof analysis. If you think, your website has good traffic source and you looking to monetize the traffic along with Google Adsense. Well, what I suggest is to try MediaVenus. They help you to engage your audience and make some handsome money with native ads.

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