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Massive robbery at the official residence of PTA

Recently, an unfortunate incident occurred in Islamabad involving a senior official of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). During the Eid ul Adha holiday, the government-assigned house (located in G7/4) of the PTA official was broken into by some thieves. The Abpara police station has filed a case and launched a thorough investigation. According to a source, the First Information Report (FIR) lists the items allegedly stolen from the PTA official’s residence.

The details of the items stolen from the PTA official’s house are as follows:

  • Gold ornaments of 35 tolas, worth about PKR 8.285 million.
  • Various weapons (worth about 2.1 million PKR).
  • A laptop worth about 0.5 million PKR.
  • Five watches (worth approximately PKR 800,000),
  • Five mobile phones (worth PKR 200,000)
  • Seven ‘imported’ sunglasses (worth PKR 250,000)
  • Perfumes and other cosmetics (worth PKR 450,000)
  • A suitcase full of valuables (worth PKR 150,000).
  • A pen (worth approximately 100,000 PKR).
  • Cash around PKR 0.6 million.

The PTA official discovered the break-in when he returned home after the Eid holiday. According to the official, someone had used a saw to cut out the window of his house.

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