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Man behind much-discussed viral blue/black dress charged with attempted murder of woman

I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t know it viral blue/black dress. The dress caught the attention of millions of people and everyone just debated the color of the dress. This photo was actually posted by a Scottish man who became quite famous in 2015 through a viral photo. According to the latest reports, he has been charged with the attempted murder of his wife.

Remember the Viral blue/black dress?

The Scottish man, Keir Johnston, rose to fame in 2015. He even appeared on the popular Ellen DeGeneres show when his mother-in-law’s dress became a hotly debated topic online because of its color. It is known as ‘the dress that broke the internet’. The photo of the dress lined with horizontal strips popped up everywhere and caught the attention of many.

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The suspect was seen at a court in Glasgow for allegedly carrying out several acts of domestic violence against his wife, Grace. Reports claim it allegedly led to an assassination attempt. The man has denied the allegations, but a trial is expected in 2024. The 38-year-old Scot faces charges of repeated assault. He has been accused of pushing Grace against the wall, swinging a knife, placing her in a headlock, beating her, and dragging her out of a bar. Some reports even claim that he was monitoring her wife’s location and finances. Let’s see what happens during the process. Stay tuned for more updates.

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