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Malware and viruses are almost everywhere, which is why they always find a way to reach you. We all need to be extra careful while browsing online. However, the point worth noting here is that malware can sometimes show up in places where you least expect it. For example, Google Search Ads. Recent reports claim that malware is now creeping into Google search ads.

Google search ads may also hide malware

Reports claim that hackers and malware developers usually set up fake websites for popular pieces of software to distribute malware. What they do is disguise themselves as legitimate websites for non-malicious software. As a result, they may be approved to publish ads that appear above all others in Google’s search results.

Let me tell you a story. In one such incident, a user searched for video streaming/recording software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Then he downloaded an initially real-looking EXE file. A few hours later he was hacked. Hackers managed to get their hands on that user’s social media accounts, email, and even cryptocurrency wallets. The notable point was that even the PC’s web browser data was also cloned.

So watch out! However, it’s not just OBS or such software. There is a large number of programs and software that hackers have tried to imitate to spread malware. So, as we always recommend, the best place to download software is from the developer’s own website. Please take care of that. Such links for downloading an authentic thing will usual not appear as an ad result in Google. Stay tuned for more information. If you have ever experienced such an incident, share with us in the comment section.

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