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Leaked video shows that Sony Project Q runs on Android OS

In May, Sony PlayStation announced its latest handheld gaming device, “Project Q”, which will be used exclusively for PS Remote Play. The device allows users to stream any game from their PlayStation (PS5) console using remote play over Wi-Fi.

Leaked video shows that Sony Project Q runs on Android OS

Leaked video shows that Sony Project Q runs on Android OS

Now, leaked images and video of the PlayStation Project Q handheld games console appeared this weekend, suggesting the device will run a basic version of the Android operating system. The images and video were shared by a tech enthusiast Zuby_Tech in a Twitter post.

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As you can see, the console’s screen is wrapped in a plastic sheet on the front, on which a simple menu system and a QR codewhose purpose is unknown The edge. One image shows the screen removed to reveal the frame behind it.

Furthermore, the design of the upcoming PlayStation handheld looks like one extended version of the PS5 DualSense controller with a screen in the center and probably built-in microphones, speakers, a D-pad, the signature PlayStation Circle, Triangle, Square and X buttons and shoulder buttons.

In addition, the device has a 8-inch LCD screen capable of streaming games up to 1080p resolution at 60 fps (frames per second). It’s probably one cloud based gaming device, meaning PS5 users can stream their games to the device over the internet through the user’s home PS5 console. Sony could also let users imitate retro PS games from devices such as PSP and PS Vita.

While Sony has yet to announce an official release date for Project Q, the device is reportedly expected to debut in November this year.

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