Lahore DEA prohibits mobile use for students and teachers during school hours

Just a few days ago, social media was flooded with a video of a girl who was assaulted at school due to an alleged leak of a drug-taking video to the parent of one of the attackers. The video clearly showed four girls brutally beating the victim. Meanwhile, we also hear the voices of boys telling them how to hit her. The sad thing was that this incident happened at an elite school in Lahore called Scarsdale International School. After the video went viral, we also came across some interviews with the victim’s father on social media, in which he revealed that the school was not doing business with his family. As a result of this whole incident, Lahore DEA has announced to ban mobile use during school hours for both the students and teachers.

Mobile use prohibited during school hours

The new rules instructed each school’s administration to ensure that no student has a cell phone on school grounds during school hours. Yet teachers were told not to use cellphones during their lessons.

According to some latest reports, the Punjab School Education Department had made it mandatory for all schools to submit certificates from each headmaster guaranteeing that the institution is completely drug free. They took this step apart from introducing strict measures for students and teachers. Reports claim the notification is directed to authorities at all public and private schools to ensure strict adherence to the new instructions.

In an effort to combat drugs in schools, Punjab has also decided to appoint drug controllers for every school. These drug inspectors monitor and ensure a drug-free school environment. Undoubtedly a very good initiative that contributes to maintaining a good climate at the institutes. According to the report, the name of the drug inspector must also be displayed prominently at the school.

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