Kill the Justice League is getting new gameplay

The May 26 release date for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting closer. While we’ve seen multiple trailers showing Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark battling corrupt Justice League members, a new state of play takes a much deeper look at gameplay and other details.

A lengthy cinematic video featured the League battling an infected version of The Flash, who appears to be after Lex Luthor for unknown reasons. The sequence ended with a seemingly undamaged Wonder Woman using her lasso of truth to extract a confession from The Flash. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, however, as “the truth” in this case meant that destroying the Justice League was the only way to stop Brainiac’s plan.

The expanded look then switched to gameplay, focusing on how the different characters play differently. Using a grappling hook, Harley Quinn is exceptionally agile, while Deadshot and King Shark are more focused on aerial movement. We even saw Deadshot use his guns to shoot down a plane. King Shark also possesses excellent melee finishing skills. Ultimately, Captain Boomerang’s iconic weapon is equipped with the Speed ​​Force, allowing him to teleport to his boomerang after throwing it.

The teaser also featured a few new characters. Hack, a digital ghost who assists the squad, along with Toyman, who helps craft the squad’s equipment, and Gizmo, who creates cars.

The Suicide Squad will use an equipment scoring system made up of weapons from various manufacturers, such as Lexcorp and the GCPD. Better gear scores unlock new tasks and allow for character customization. However, cosmetics do not affect your gear score, so you can customize your appearance without affecting your score. The trailer also promises post-launch support for new playable characters, weapons, and targets, as well as a battle pass for new cosmetic items.

Rocksteady, the studio responsible for the Batman: Arkham franchise, is developing the Suicide Squad. This is canonically set in the same universe, but takes place in Metropolis instead of Gotham. The plot revolves around Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, being deployed to counter Brainiac’s takeover of the Justice League. In addition, the late voice actor Kevin Conroy will reprise his role as Batman in one of his final appearances.

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