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Islamabad United enters the Metaverse and offers fans unprecedented experiences with free Digital Collectible Cards

The most successful PSL franchise launches the world’s first cricket metaverse. Islamabad United will be the first cricket team to enter the metaverse with a world-first custom virtual stadium. The stadium will be built in the world’s largest open metaverse, Decentraland, alongside a twin stadium that will be available on Android. Fans can get closer to the team than ever before through a series of interactive experiences and challenges.

In addition to interacting with their favorite players’ avatars, they can also explore and interact with the many areas of the stadium, including the locker room, players’ lounge, and fan conference room. The experience will further reward visitors for their explorations and for completing challenges with official Islamabad United digital kits, club memorabilia, and exciting sponsor digital assets and offerings.

U-Meta Stadium – The World’s First Custom Metaverse Cricket Stadium

In an unprecedented move, Islamabad United has built the world’s first scale-built digital cricket stadium in the metaverse. Under a strategic partnership with VegasCity, in Decentraland, the U-Meta Stadium has evolved into an impressive futuristic space built on over 20,000 square feet. It comes with a fantastic cricket ground, spectator stands, tall connecting towers and great shopping and interactive play areas. It is equipped with all the essential requirements of an active and modern world-class cricket stadium that will provide a unique, decentralized and immersive experience to cricket fans from all over the world. Fans can take selfies with the team, ask questions of their favorite players, watch PSL8 highlights, attend exclusive Islamabad United events and participate in a series of challenges running throughout the season.

James Ashton, CEO of Vegas Citythe largest sports district in Decentraland, states,

“VegasCity and Decentraland are very happy to welcome Islamabad United. Cricket is the second most watched sport in the world and we are thrilled to partner with IU in launching the first custom cricket stadium in the metaverse. We look forward to providing world-class experiences to cricket fans, not just from Pakistan but from all over the world.”

Islamabad United allows fans to get closer to the team with its digital collectible cards. In another first, Islamabad United is launching a collection of digital collectible cards that allow fans to get closer to the team and their favorite players. These collectibles will use Blockchain and NFT technology to ensure authenticity and scarcity and give their holders access to rewards from Islamabad United in both the physical and digital worlds (details to be announced separately).

“Islamabad United has always been proud to introduce innovative and new concepts to cricket fans in Pakistan and worldwide,” Ali Naqvi, owner of the franchise, said on the occasion. “I am very excited about providing an unprecedented fan experience in the metaverse through industry leaders like Decentraland and Vegas City. We look forward to providing fans with a more immersive experience with the game and its stars,” he said.

The potential of the metaverse emerging as the next major computing platform is also recognized by top sports brands such as the Australian Open – the first Grand Slam to enter the metaverse with its innovative AO Art Ball NFTs linked to live match data, LaLigaLand – the first La Liga football space in the metaverse and NBA Top Shot – a platform where NBA’s biggest fans can trade in next-gen collectibles.

Islamabad United has just started its Web3 Journey

“The potential of Web3 is limitless and Islamabad United has only just begun its journey,” added Ali Naqvi. Cricket fans will continue to enjoy unique experiences outside of PSL8 and their digital assets will continue to bring rewards in the future. Our strategic global partnerships with Decentraland, VegasCity, RarerThings, Aletheia Technologies and Ideofuzion will enable us to continue to provide unique and immersive Web3 experiences to cricket fans around the world,” he added.

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