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iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will reportedly face a supply crisis at launch

the silicon giant, Apple is winding up to launch the long-awaited iPhone series. iPhone 15 series have been in the pipeline of rumors for a long time. People are quite curious what Apple will bring new this year with the long-awaited series. Reports claim that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and especially the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be very scarce once they launch in September. The company has been experiencing problems with screen production at LG Display and I think this will be the obvious reason for the supply crisis.

The supply of the iPhone 15 series will be limited

According to reports, a new manufacturing process is being used to reduce the bezel size of prospective iPhone members. The problem seems to stem from this as it appears to be a similar problem that Apple experienced in the past for some Apple Watch models. Let me tell you that the screens for the iPhone 15 Pro and especially the Pro Max made by LG fail the reliability tests during a method where the screen is fused to the metal body. The silicon giant is currently narrowing down the design of the displays so that they can pass the aforementioned tests. The company still has Samsung-made displays it can use for assembly. So let’s see what Apple comes up with at the end of the day.

All of these issues will reportedly result in a very limited supply. The iPhone Pro Max will be the most difficult to obtain after the simple Pro. Some reports claimed that Apple could delay the launch by a few weeks. However, a new source contradicts the deficiency hypothesis. Whatever happens, the fact is that there’s something going on with those Apple screens and it’s bound to affect Apple’s launch plans.

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