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iOS 16.3 is coming to your iPhones next week with these 4 awesome features

According to the latest reports, the silicon giant Apple has confirmed in a recent press release that iOS 16.3 will be released to the public next week. The point worth noting is that the software update will only be available for the iPhone 8 and newer versions of the iPhones. It is tipped to come with a handful of new features, changes and bug fixes. Let’s dive in.

These 4 new iPhone features come with iOS 16.3

Below I have written down the details regarding four new features that will make their way to the public with the upcoming iOS 16.3. Let’s dive in:

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  • Security keys for Apple IDs

iOS 16.3 will enable a new security key for the Apple ID feature. It will undoubtedly give users the option to use hardware security keys to further protect their accounts. All iPhone users who enable this feature can strengthen Apple’s two-factor authentication by having a physical security key as the second factor instead of a verification code from another Apple device.

The point worth mentioning is that the silicon giant does not have its own hardware security keys. So, this long-awaited feature relies on third-party security keys from other brands, such as Yubico. For example, the YubiKey 5Ci has both Lightning and USB-C connectors for use with iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

  • Advanced Data Protection (Global)

The company claims that Advanced-Data Protection will be available worldwide. It allows users to enable end-to-end encryption for many additional iCloud data categories. They include photos, notes, voice memos, message backups, device backups, and more. This feature first made its way to the US in December and will make its way to all global iPhone users next week.

The company usually stores encryption keys for some iCloud data types on its servers to ensure that users can recover their data if they cannot access their Apple ID account. So when a user enables advanced data protection, the encryption keys are actually deleted from Apple’s servers. They are actually only stored on a user’s devices to prevent anyone from accessing the data.

Recent reports claim that the company has released a new Black Unity Sport Loop for the Apple Watch Series 4 in honor of Black History Month. The company is also releasing a companion Black Unity themed iPhone wallpaper for the iOS 16.3 lock screen.

  • Second-generation HomePod support

The silicon giant recently launched a second-generation HomePod with much the same design as the full-size HomePod that was discontinued in March 2021. The notable thing here is that iOS 16.3 will include software support for that smart speaker.

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