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Intel’s new 13th generation most powerful mobile CPU contains 24 cores

Intel's new 13th generation most powerful mobile CPU contains 24 cores

Intel unveiled the “fastest mobile/laptop processor in the world” with 31 other variants at the CES 2023 event, held in Vegas. Intel’s 13th generation desktop processors already dominate the industry with their improved performance.

And now they bring the 13th generation mobile/laptop processors in four different series, and will undoubtedly keep one of the processors from this announcement 24 coresand this is the first mobile processor with 24 cores.

Intel’s 13th Generation Mobile CPU Series: All the Details

Intel's 13th Generation Mobile CPU Series All Details

This lineup of 13th generation mobile processors is divided into four series viz HX processors, H series, P seriesand U series. First, let’s talk about the most powerful flagship, the Intel Core i9-13980HX.

As Intel claims, Intel Core i9-13980HX is the world’s fastest mobile processor as it contains 24 cores and 32 threads, which is the first time for a mobile/laptop processor.

And this processor has one 5.6GHz turbo frequency with a base power consumption is 55Wand a maximum energy consumption of the turbo 157Wwhich makes it a hefty processor for a laptop.

You can see in the image above all the other processor specs running regularly with their lower or lower specs and power consumption depending on your work preference.

All of these processors will be coming to market soon by in laptops like Intel Core i9-13980HX come high-end gaming laptops.

In addition, all 13th generation processors support both types of RAM: the DDR4 (up to 3,200 MHz) and DDR5 (up to 5,600 MHz). 128GB RAM.

With all these specs, details now move to the performance section. According to Intel’s claim, single-thread performance has been improved to as much as 11 percent, and multitasking performance is improved by up to 49 percent compared to Intel’s 12th generation CPUs.

Separately, more than 250 OEM brands, such as Razer, MSI, ASUS ROG and more, cover laptop designs with the full 13th generation range.

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