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Instagram rolls out new update for Reels templates

All social media apps have done their best to improve user experience by introducing new updates and features. Instagram is also not slow to get going. Recently, the platform rolled out a new update for Instagram Roll Templates. This feature allows users to create their own video based on someone else’s. The final video appears to have a lot more content that looks exactly like someone else’s but is actually yours.

Instagram Reels templates take the copy and paste approach

Templates have essentially reduced Reels to a preset format for users to post their own photos and videos. For example, it is a series of five 0.7 second clips about a specific song or music. It’s a pretty easy way to participate in viral trends while spending minimal time editing. Is it not? In addition, this will also encourage the accumulation of content that differs only slightly from other videos.

The point worth noting is that the updates to Roll templates even take the copy-and-paste approach a step further. The presets will soon also include the text and transitions that the original video possessed. In addition, all Insta users can customize different elements if they don’t want their clips to be exactly the same.

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Instagram also offers more ways to find templates if you don’t want to come up with your own video concept. There is a new template browser page that shows template recommendations from Instagram along with popular sequences that are famous among other users. Any templates that users have saved for later will also appear here. Templates exist on other short video apps, including TikTok. So this feature seems to be a good edition for Reels users as well.

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