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Instagram launches ‘Twitter Killer’ Threads app – here’s how to use it

Instagram has announced Threads, the new app that should rival Twitter. Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg also said the company’s newly launched app aims to surpass Twitter. Experts say Threads could attract disgruntled Twitter users with recent changes to the platform.

Threads allows users to post up to 500 characters and has many features similar to Twitter. The app passed five million signups in the first four hours.

Instagram launches ‘Twitter Killer’ Threads app – here’s how to use it

Threads is a standalone app. However, users can log in with an Instagram account. Their Instagram username will carry over, but there is an option to customize their profile specifically for Threads.

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On Threads, posts can be shared on Instagram and vice versa. The messages can contain links, photos and videos of up to five minutes. Users see a feed of posts from people they follow, as well as recommended content.

They can control who can “mention” them and filter replies to posts that contain specific words.

It is also possible to unfollow, block, limit or report other profiles. In addition, all accounts that block users on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads. Users can also choose to follow the same accounts as on Instagram. The app allows users to be private on Instagram but public on Threads. So, it’s all in your hands.

Meta called the new app a “first version”. The company also has additional features planned, including the ability to interact with people through other social media apps like Mastodon.

Threads is now available for download in over 100 countries, including the UK. However, it is not available in the EU due to regulatory issues. Pakistani users can now download it too.

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