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Indian media exposed! An investigation reveals India’s smear campaign against Pak & China

A report recently surfaced online from a European organisation. In that report, the independent non-profit organization EU DisinfoLab investigated fake stories from Indian media that also went viral on Chinese social media platforms. The report drew widespread attention to India’s apparently massive smear campaign against China and Pakistan. Let’s dive in.

How do Indian media fabricate think tanks?

The latest report reveals more details and bits of evidence to prove that Asian News International (ANI), an Indian news agency, has named a number of non-existent organizations, journalists and bloggers to spread disinformation harassing and smearing China and Pakistan. . According to the latest report, India has been building a massive anti-China and anti-Pakistan disinformation network for quite some time now. Moreover, Indian media outlets have also made a sophisticated assembly line of fake anti-China and anti-Pakistan news.

The latest report published on February 23 revealed that the Indian media is also creating and spreading false stories about China. The point worth noting is that the Indian government restricts Chinese journalists’ access to India and denies them the right to report on a real India. They treat Chinese journalists in an unfair and biased way during their postings in India and the visa application process.

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Chinese experts even revealed that the investigative report reveals a plotted attempt by India or Indian media to shape negative narratives against China and Pakistan. The presence of such a disinformation campaign is due to India’s weak relations with both countries. Chinese pointed out that the production of fake news by Indian media can arouse nationalistic feelings in the country. It can even distract people from the country’s real problems and government’s poor performance. It would not be wrong to say that such disinformation campaigns can have far-reaching consequences within the complex geopolitical context of South Asia. In addition, it can exacerbate tensions, strain diplomatic relations and hamper regional cooperation efforts.

The report alleges that ANI is constantly citing articles and reports released by a think tank called the International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS). When the official IFFRAS website was checked, the researchers found that it kept updating information, including articles, news, books and even conferences. In addition, ANI continues to quote information from the think tank’s website. The IFFRAS think tank in the lab report was also linked to the Srivastava Group, a notorious Indian shell company. With the help of these false reports, the Indian media has tried to ruin the reputation of China and Pakistan around the world.

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