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How to schedule emails in Gmail to send them later

In our busy lives, we may forget many things like sending an important email, wishing someone a happy birthday, etc. And forgetting such things can be problematic especially if the event is very important.

So scheduling emails may be the better way to overcome this. Yes, that’s possible schedule emails in Gmail to send in the future with the time and day you set.

Steps to schedule emails in Gmail to send later

It helps you avoid forgetting some important emails. So check out the full guide discussed below.

1. First, open your desktop web browser and go to Gmail.com.

2. When the Gmail site opens, click the compose button on the left.


3. In the email compose panel, compose the email you want to send later.

compose the email

4. Fill in all the details, such as the From, To, Subject and email message. Once you’ve filled in all the details, click the drop-down button next to the Submit button and select ‘Send schedule

Send schedule

5. Now you will see the schedule shipping options. You have to click on this Choose date & time and set the date and time of your wish.

Choose date & time

That is it! This is how you can schedule emails in Gmail to send them later.

Schedule emails in Gmail on Android

The Gmail app for Android also lets you schedule emails. Here’s how to use the Gmail mobile app to schedule emails.

1. Open the Gmail app on your Android device.


2. Now tap on the compose button and create your email.


3. Tap the in the top right corner More (three dots) icon.


4. Then tap the Send schedule choice.

Send schedule

5. Now you will see three scheduled presets and an option to choose the date and time manually. If you want to schedule at a different time, choose the 4th option.

scheduled presets

6. Select the date and time and tap Send schedule.

Send schedule

That is it! This sends the email to the scheduled folder. The email will be sent automatically on the date and time you specified.

So, this guide is about scheduling emails in Gmail to send them later. Let us know in the comments below if you need more help on this topic. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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