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How to Reset Windows 7 Locked Admin Account?

After the advent of Windows 7 operating system, the world of the operating system was really revolutionized as it brought along many a new features and tools which were not previously introduced in the earlier versions of Windows OS. Now when you install your Windows 7 operating system in your PC or laptop, you would surely create an admin account which is the main access point through which you can access each and every folders and content stored in your computer. For such a reason, most users set a password for accounts like these. But what if you are not using the account in a while? Would you be able to remember the password all along? Of course not, then, in that case, you shall not be able to enter your computer using the same admin account and you get completely locked out of your own computer system.

This article is completely intended to make an effort to help all those users whose Windows 7 admin account are locked out due to losing the password. The solutions are not that hard to pull over. All that you need to have is some basic idea with computer handling.

Solution #1: Reset Windows 7 Password with Cain & Abel Utility

Cain & Abel is very old and popular Windows password recovery software which can actually recover your forgotten password using hashtag algorithms. In actual practice, it would run countless simulations, in addition to brute-force attack in order to reset your lost password. In order to know the tool in detail read the guideline below in steps:

Step 1. Download Cain & Abel in a spare working computer and burn the ISO image files in an empty optical disk like USB or CD/DVD.

Step 2. Insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and wait for the software file to load on the main screen.

Step 3. Now; open “Boot Key” option and find out the drive where you have installed the operating system.

Step 4. All the user profiles of your computer will be displayed on the main UI screen. Simply right-click on your locked account using your mouse and choose “Brute-Force Attack” option from the list of other available options from the context menu, and then choose “NTML hashes” option.

Now the software will take several hours to recover the password and the duration of recovery might extend depending upon the complexity of the password. Once it is done, you can simply copy paste the password to access your PC again with the password.


  • It is an outdated program.
  • It does not work with Windows 8/ 10.

Solution #2: Reset Windows 7 Password with OphCrack Software

Ophcrack is yet another powerful windows password recovery tool that can recovery password up to 8 characters. It can only decipher simply passwords without any special characters. Go through the steps mentioned below to know the method in detail:

Step 1. Download the Ophcrack setup file from the official website on any working computer. Burn the ISO image files into a pen drive or CD/DVD to create a bootable Reset disk.

Step 2. Now insert the flash drive into your locked system and boot from it.

Step 3. Ophcrack will automatically be loaded on the bootup screen. Choose “ Ophcrack graphic mode- Automatic” and continue.

Step 4. The utility will start recovering the forgotten password which may take some time, even several hours also, depending on the complication of the password. So the user has to be patient all through the process.

If the software is successful in recovering the password, it will definitely show the password on the main UI screen and if it fails to do so, it will simply terminate the recovery process.


  • Ophcrack is an outdated version and it would not work with special characters.
  • It is not compatible with Windows 8 and 10 OS.

Solution #3: Reset Windows Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Utility

Now this is one of the methods which will not let your hopes down as it has got no downsides. iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro usually bypasses the password protection feature from the login screen altogether without actually re-installing the OS. Consequently, no data is lost from the system. In order to know more about the tool go through the list of specifications listed below.

iSeePassword Recovery Pro Specifications:

  • It can bypass password of all the Windows OS, XP/ Vista/ 10 / 8/ 10.
  • It can remove the password all kinds of accounts, such as local user, admin, domain, root accounts.
  • It can change the user standard credibility and convert local users and administrator users also.
  • It can work with both UEFI and Legacy BIOS based computers.
  • No data is lost or damaged that is guaranteed.

Things you need prior to using iSeePassword Recovery Pro:

  • A spare accessible working computer.
  • The iSeePassword Program file.
  • A vacant flash drive with minimum of 500 MB storage capacity.


Step 1. Download iSeePassword Recovery tool on a working computer and finish installing it with setup wizard. Launch the software with administrative privileges to check out the attractive features of the tool interface.

Step 2. Insert a blank optical drive and select “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” depending upon the type of drive you have selected and wait for the program to burn the ISO image files into the optical drive.

Step 3. Now insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and boot from it so that the ISO image files could be loaded into the new system easily.

Step 4. Click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to finally end the process.

The system will reboot and this time there will be no password inquiry at all which indicate the password protection has been bypassed easily by the tool.


If you have thoroughly gone through the article above, then you must have inferred that the first two methods are not too much dependable, but the third one with iSeePassword Recovery tool is a special case which can actually guarantee you 100% efficiency. Moreover, the tool has been tested with many brands of computers and laptops, which of course ensures that you can certainly reset your Windows password without any difficult.

If you wish to explore more, then take some time out to visit our website.

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