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How to Obtain a License to Grow Cannabis in Canada

Getting the Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) gives you the legal right to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. You can buy medicinal cannabis or grow the plant after getting the ACMPR. The ACMPR eases the process of acquiring therapy through medicinal cannabis, be able to produce your own for medical purposes, and access from a licensed producer the right amount of cannabis.

You will need the help of a certified doctor to give you a prescription to take to Health Canada or a legal producer. Here are some simple steps to see you through the process of acquiring the license to grow cannabis.

1) Go To a Clinic

You will need to find a reputable clinic where to start the application process. Avoid those that offer free services or low rates. You can search for good clinics on credible platforms such as this site to get the right one. The right clinic will have certified doctors to examine you before you go on with the process.

The support is also available 24/7 to cater to your needs anytime you need help. The process is easy compared to you doing it alone.

2) Provide Information

In the clinic you settle for, you need to submit some information. Your ID and how much grams you need per day are some details you will provide. Depending on the clinic, you may have to provide your medical history.

You will need to fill the ACMPR form with some details. The information includes your name, residence, how you plan to grow the plant either yourself, or having someone else do it, among others.

3) Talk With a Doctor

You will need an appointment with a doctor but not necessarily a physical one. You can talk with a doctor on your computer, smartphone, or tablet via skype for a few minutes. After some questions from the doctor, you will have your prescription.

The prescription you get is what you will use to obtain the license. The doctor specifies the proper dosage for you and the period the treatment will take. During your treatment period, you will be legally possessing cannabis, but after it is over, you may have to renew the license.

You will still need a prescription from a doctor if you are renewing the license.

4) Mail the Application

You will have to send the doctor’s prescription with the filled ACMPR form to Health Canada. The ACMPR form will have details of where you will grow the cannabis. If the residence is not yours, the owner’s consent should be there too. You will have to wait for an official license from Health Canada to begin growing cannabis.

Health Canada authorizes you to plant cannabis five times the grams the doctor put in the prescription. Getting the right clinic will help you get the right quantity you need that will cater to your daily requirement. It can take two weeks or a few months, depending on if you are a first-time applicant or it is a renewal.

Renewing takes a shorter time than the first application; however, using a consultancy service tends to quicken the process for you.

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