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How to make your Threads account private

In addition to the many ups and downs Twitter has been dealing with lately, it now has a worthy competitor to contend with: Threads, a new app from Mark Zuckerberg. The new app only came to the limelight a few days ago and had already marked its dominance on Twitter.

Thread’s algorithm is so clean and pure you can feel it. From the UI to features, everything is good on Thread. Also, don’t forget that it managed to get millions of users on board within a few hours of its launch.

Although Threads was not introduced as an alternative to Twitter, it shares a lot with it. Like Twitter, your Threads account is set to public by default. This means anyone using the app will be able to see your Threads content whether or not they are on your follower list.

How to make your Threads account private

For many users, having a Threads account set to public by default can be a huge turn off, as they prefer to share content only with approved audiences. If you prefer to share your content with limited users, you should share your Threads Account Private.

Account type switching is available in both the Threads app for Android and iPhone. Therefore, you can use any of them to make your Threads account private. Here’s how make your Threads account private.

1. Open the Threads app on your Android or iPhone and tap your profile picture bottom right.

profile picture

2. This will open your thread profile page. Tap the Menu icon at the top right.


3. On the Settings screen, tap Privacy.


4. Then tap the Private profile choice.

Private profile

5. About switching to a private account? prompt, tap the OK knob.


6. Once the private profile is enabled, you will see a toggle next to it.

7. If you want to switch back to the public profile, turn off the switch next to Private Profile.

turn off the switch next to Private Profile

8. On the Switch to public account? confirmation prompt, tap OK.


That is it! This is how you make your Threads account private in simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Threads app?

Threads is actually a social networking app that looks strikingly similar to Twitter. This app allows you to connect with your followers through a series of texts.

Do Threads allow photos and videos?

Yes, like Twitter, the posts on Threads can be up to 500 characters long and contain links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. So you can also add photos, videos and links to your Threads posts.

How do you make your Threads account private while logging in?

If you are under 16, you can choose between a public or private profile when creating a Threads profile. If you don’t choose one, private is selected by default.

How do you make your Threads account public?

To make your Threads account public, follow the steps we’ve shared up to step 3. On the privacy screen, toggle Private Profile off instead of on. This will make your Threads account public again.

What happens if you make your Threads account private?

When you switch to the private account, only your followers can see who you follow, what private profiles you follow, the profiles you follow, your posts in your profile/feed, etc.

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Thread is a new app from Instagram, but it is very easy to use and lightweight. We personally enjoyed Threads more than Twitter. So, what’s your take on the recently launched Twitter alternative? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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