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How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps (9 Methods)

Even though Snapchat is a great photo and video sharing app, it is not completely free of bugs and glitches. Sometimes Snapchat users may experience issues when using the app’s core features.

For example, many Snapchat users recently got a “Tap to loadmessage on the Snaps. According to them, the Snapchat app crashes in an instant while loading.

Also, a few users have reported Snapchat not loading snaps at all. So if you are facing such issues in your Snapchat app, continue reading the article.

Due to various reasons, Snapchat cannot load the snap and internet problems are often the main cause. Below we have shared some of the best ways fix snapchat not loading snaps issue. Let’s start.

Why isn’t Snapchat loading Snaps?

Snapchat may fail to load snaps for various reasons. Below we have listed all possible reasons why Snapchat is not loading snaps.

  • No or unstable internet connection
  • A bug in the phone’s operating system.
  • Outdated Snapchat cache and data.
  • Data saver mode is enabled
  • Snapchat’s servers are down.

9 ways to fix Snapchat not loading snaps problem

Now that you know all the possible reasons why Snapchat won’t load snaps, troubleshooting can become easy. Here are the best ways to solve this Snapchat won’t load snaps.

1. Restart your smartphone

Restart your phone

Before following the methods below, you need to restart your phone. It’s a good idea to reboot the phone, especially if you last did it a while ago.

Rebooting might fix most Android or iOS issues and get rid of any bugs that might be preventing Snapchat from loading the snaps.

Press and hold to reboot your phone Power button and select the ‘Reboot/Reboot‘ choice. Open Snapchat after reboot and check the Snaps again.

2. Make sure the internet is working

Check if your internet is working

Slow internet connection is often the main reason Snapchat won’t load snaps. If the internet connection is not working or unstable, you will have problems using most of the app features.

So before trying the following methods, make sure your phone is connected to active internet. You can switch to another network mode or mobile data if the internet is not working.

3. Check if Snapchat is not working

Check if Snapchat is not available

The next thing to do is to check if the Snapchat servers are experiencing any outages. Server failures are common and other similar apps are also facing this problem.

When Snapchat faces a server outage, you will face problems even while logging in or using the other features of the app.

You can check Snapchat’s status page to confirm if Snapchat is down. If the servers are unavailable, you must wait for the services to be restored.

4. Turn off the Snapchat data saver mode

Snapchat has a Data Saver mode that reduces mobile data usage. However, when the feature is enabled, you have to manually load the content line lenses and Snaps. So chances are you have Data Saver enabled on your Snapchat; hence you will come across the message ‘Tap to load’.

If that’s the problem, you need to turn off Data Saver Mode on Snapchat. Here’s how to disable Snapchat Data Saver.

1. Open the snapchat app on your smartphone.

2. Then tap on your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner.

Profile picture

3. On the profile screen, tap the Institutions gear icon.

Settings gear icon

4. Now scroll down and tap on Data Saver.

5. In the Data saver screen, uncheck the ‘Data saver’ option

That is it! This will disable the Snapchat app’s Data Saver mode.

5. Disable Battery Optimization for the Snapchat app

On Android, you can enable battery optimization for selected apps. When you enable battery optimization for an app, the feature eliminates some of the background processes running by the app to save battery life.

Sometimes the battery optimization mode is linked to the functionality of the app. Therefore, you can turn off battery optimization for Snapchat to solve the problem.

1. Open your Android App Drawer and select Institutions.

2. In Settings, scroll down and tap ‘Battery‘.


3. On the battery, scroll down and tap ‘More settings‘.

More settings

4. Under More settings, tap ‘Optimize battery usage‘.

Optimize battery usage

5. Select now snapchat from the list of apps and select ‘Don’t optimize

Don't optimize

That is it! After making the changes, run the Snapchat application again. This time, you won’t have a problem loading Snapchat Snaps.

6. Disable power saving mode

Android’s power saving mode can interfere with the Snapchat app’s functionality. As a result, you may experience issues while viewing the Snaps. Therefore, you should turn off power saving mode to see if Snapchat problems are resolved.

1. Open your Android App Drawer and select ‘Institutions‘.


2. In Settings, tap the Battery.


3. On the battery screen, tap the Energy saving mode.

Energy saving mode

4. Now turn off the switch for ‘Energy saving mode‘.

turn off the switch

That is it! This is how you can disable power saving mode on your Android to fix Snapchat not loading snaps issue.

7. Clear the Snapchat app cache

An outdated or corrupted app cache can also be a reason behind Snapchat Snaps not loading. So, it is recommended to clear the Snapchat App Cache as well. Here’s what to do.

1. Open the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner.

Profile picture

2. On the profile screen, tap the Equipment settings icon.

Equipment settings

3. In Settings, scroll down to Account Actions and tap ‘Clear cache‘.

Clear cache

4. Next, in the Clear Cache confirmation prompt, tap on the ‘Get on‘ knob.

Get on

That is it! It’s that easy to clear the Snapchat cache.

8. Update your Snapchat app

Update your Snapchat app

Updating the app is an evergreen way to solve various problems. If your problem is not resolved, it’s best to update the Snapchat app.

The version of the Snapchat app you’re using has a bug that prevents Snaps from loading. You can easily get rid of such bugs by updating your Snapchat application.

You can easily get your Snapchat app updates from the official app stores – Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iPhone).

9. Reinstall the Snapchat application

If nothing worked for you, the only option left is to reinstall the Snapchat app. Reinstallation will rule out all bugs and file corruption issues.

When you reinstall an application, all saved data and leftover files related to the apps will be deleted. To reinstall Snapchat, long-press the Snapchat app icon on your home screen and select “Uninstall.”

After uninstalling, reinstall the app. This should fix the Snapchat Snaps loading problem on your device.

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Snapchat not loading snaps can be frustrating especially if you are heavily addicted to the app. The methods we shared will probably fix the Snapchat problem on your phone but if not then you should contact the Snapchat support team for help.

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