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How to Fix ‘No Data Available’ on Facebook (6 Methods)

Let’s admit it; Social networking websites have become a part of our daily lives. Without it, our life feels boring and we feel trapped. Facebook is the leading social media platform right now that offers you all kinds of communication features you can imagine.

It also has a mobile app available for Android and iOS. While you need to use the Messenger app to make voice and video calls, the Facebook app is mainly used to browse the Facebook feed, watch videos and interact with the media shared on the platform.

However, a bug has recently affected many users of the Facebook mobile app. Users have claimed that their Facebook app throws a “No data available” error while checking comments or likes of posts.

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If you are an active Facebook user, the “No data available” error may annoy you; sometimes you even look for solutions to solve the problem. Therefore, this article shares some of the best ways to fix the “No data available” error message on Facebook. Let’s start.

Why does Facebook say no data is available?

The error “No data available” in the Facebook app pops up while checking a post’s comments or likes. For example, when a user clicks on the number of likes on a post, instead of showing the users who liked the post, ‘No data available’.

The same error also appears when checking the comments on Facebook posts. The problem does not occur on the web/desktop version of Facebook; it can only be seen on mobile apps.

Now there can be several reasons that can cause the error. The most common reasons could be Facebook server downtime, unstable internet connection, corrupted Facebook app data, outdated cache, bugs in specific app versions, etc.

Fix the “No data available” error on Facebook

Now that you know why the error appears, you may want to fix it. Below we have shared some simple steps to help you fix it No data available Facebook Likes or comment errors. Let’s check out.

1. Make sure your internet is working

Check your internet connection

If your internet is down, the Facebook app may not be able to retrieve the data from its servers, which can lead to errors. You may even have trouble viewing the photos and videos that other users share on Facebook.

Even if your internet is active, it can be unstable and often lose connection. So make sure you check your internet connection properly.

You can reconnect your WiFi or switch to mobile data and check if the Facebook ‘No data available’ error still appears. If the internet is working fine, follow the next methods.

2. Check Facebook server status

Check if Facebook's servers were down

If your internet is working but you are still getting the “No data available” error while checking comments or likes on the Facebook app, you should check the Facebook server status.

There is a good chance that Facebook is currently experiencing a technical problem, or that its servers are unavailable for maintenance. If this happens, none of the Facebook app features will work.

If Facebook doesn’t work, there’s nothing you can do. You just have to wait and keep checking the Facebook Server Status page for Downdetector. Once the servers are up and running, you can view the comments and likes of Facebook posts.

3. Connect to a different network

Let’s say you use a Wi-Fi network to use the Facebook app; you can try to connect to mobile data. Although this is not a suitable solution, it can sometimes solve the problem.

Switching to another network creates a new connection to the Facebook server. So if there is any failure in the network route, it will be rectified immediately. So if you’re using WiFi, switch to the mobile network or vice versa.

4. Clear the cache of the Facebook app

As mentioned above, an outdated or corrupted Facebook app cache can also lead to such problem. The next best way to get the No data available Facebook comments of likes is by clearing the app cache. Here’s what to do.

1. First, long press the Facebook app icon and select “App Info”.

App information

2. On the App Info screen, tap the Storage usage option.

Storage usage

3. On the Storage usage screen, tap Clear cache.

Clear cache

That is it! It’s that easy to clear Facebook app cache for Android.

5. Update the Facebook app

Outdated Facebook app

If you’re still getting the “No data available” error while checking Facebook comments and likes, you need to update the Facebook app.

There may be a bug in the specific app version you are using that prevents you from checking the comments. You can easily get rid of such bugs by installing the latest version or updating the Facebook app.

So, open the Google Play Store on Android and update the Facebook app. This should solve the problem.

6. Use Facebook in a web browser

Web browsers

The Facebook mobile app isn’t the only way to access the social networking platform. It is primarily for web browsers and you will have a better social networking experience on it.

If Facebook is still showing a “No data available” error on certain messages, it is recommended that you check those messages in a web browser. The “No data available” error is mainly seen on the Facebook app for Android and iOS.

Open your favorite web browser, go to Facebook.com and log in with your account. You can check the number of likes or comments.

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So, these are some of the simple and best ways to fix the “no data available” error on Facebook. If you need more help fixing the No data available error, let us know in the comments. And if the article helped you, please share it with your friends as well.

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