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How to Fix Microphone Problems on Android Smartphones

Sometimes smartphone manufacturers cut corners to meet users’ needs, usually on cameras, speakers, microphones, storage, etc. Therefore, Android smartphones require more care than iPhones.

Recently we have received several messages from readers about microphone malfunctions. We have readers who reported that the other person could not hear the voice during a conversation. Usually these things don’t do much damage, but what if it was an urgent business call or a phone interview?

Solve microphone problems on Android smartphones

There can be several reasons why your phone’s microphone is not working, especially during the call. So here in this article we have decided to share some methods that can help you fix microphone issues on Android smartphones.

But before moving on to the methods, let’s know some possible reasons why your the microphone of the telephone does not work.

Network Problems – Usually, network problems are the cause of the microphone problem. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and the person on the other end suddenly can’t hear you, you can blame the carrier.

Block microphone – Sometimes, while calling, we accidentally place our fingers on the microphone, blocking our sound. So make sure that you don’t clamp the microphone with your fingers during the conversation.

Dirt accumulation – The microphone glitch can also be caused by dirt buildup on the microphone. It doesn’t happen overnight, but can cause a problem over time.

Third Party Apps – There are certain types of apps available on the internet that can cause a problem with the microphone. They won’t do any hardware damage, but they may modify some files, which can cause microphone problems.

Solve microphone problems on Android

We will share some easy methods fix microphone problems on android smartphones. Be sure to follow each method carefully.

1. Restart your device

Restart your device

Well, this is one of the first things you should do to fix the microphone problem on Android smartphones. Not only microphone problems, but a simple restart can fix most of the Android errors. Once done, call and check if the microphone issue is resolved.

2. Turn off your device for a few seconds

Turn off your device for a few seconds

Well, this is another thing you need to do to fix microphone issues on Android devices. If a simple reboot doesn’t fix the microphone problem, turn off your Android smartphone and wait 10-30 seconds before turning it back on.

This will refresh your hardware and fix your device’s microphone issues. When you’re done, call to see if the issue has been resolved.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth

If you have a Bluetooth headset that you often use with Android, chances are your headset is connected to Android when you make/receive a call.

When a Bluetooth headset is connected, speaking into your phone’s microphone will not work. So you need to make sure that no Bluetooth device is connected to your phone.

You can also pull down the notification shutter on Android and disable Bluetooth. Or else, open App drawer > BluetoothAnd turn off Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Check the microphone permission on Android

The latest version of Android allows you to enable or disable microphone access for apps and services. So if the microphone is not working on Android while using selected apps then you need to check the microphone access settings of the app. Here’s what to do.

1. Open the Institutions app on your Android smartphone.

2. Under Settings, scroll down and tap Privacy.


3. Then under the Permission managerturn on the switch Microphone access.

Microphone access

That is it! Here’s how to enable the Microphone permission on your Android smartphone.

5. Check microphone access for apps

As we know, the latest versions of Android allow you to disable microphone access for selected apps. Let’s say your microphone doesn’t only work when calling on WhatsApp; in that case, you need to check whether Microphone access for WhatsApp is enabled or not.

1. Long press the App icon whose microphone access you want to check and select App info.

App icon

2. On the App info screen, tap Rights.


3. In App permissions, tap the Microphone.


4. Select either one Only allow while in use the app or Ask every time to allow the microphone to access the app.

Ask every time

That is it! After making the changes, open the app and call again to test the microphone. This time the microphone works.

6. Clean the microphone with a pin

As we all know, microphone malfunctions can also be caused by dirt buildup on the microphone.

Dirt doesn’t build up overnight, but if you use it regularly over an extended period of time or if your phone is exposed to dust, then dirt buildup is pretty obvious.

Clean the microphone with a pin

So, in this method, you need to use a small pin or thin needle to pierce the small hole next to the USB connector. You can also blow air through your mouth directly to the microphone hole to remove debris. Do not use cotton clothes for cleaning, as pieces of fabric may become trapped.

You can also take your smartphone to the local smartphone repair shop to have the dirt removed from the microphone.

7. Turn off noise reduction

Well, the latest Android smartphones hitting the market today have a feature known as ‘Noise Cancelling’. The feature eliminates the extra background noise during the call and improves the call experience.

However, due to some bugs, the feature sometimes completely blocks the call voice. So if the microphone problem is caused by noise cancelling, follow this method to fix it.

Turn off the noise reduction

  • First of all, open the App Drawer and select Institutions.
  • Tap Settings on Phone call.
  • Now in the call settings scroll down and search Noise reduction.
  • Disable the option and restart your smartphone.

That is it; you are done! This is how you can disable noise canceling or noise canceling features to solve microphone problems.

8. Find and uninstall the third party app

As mentioned earlier, third party apps can interfere with your phone to solve microphone problems. So, in this method, you have to consider the recently installed app.

If you get microphone problems after installing an app, you can blame the app. You need to boot your phone in safe mode which temporarily disables all third party apps.

After booting your phone in safe mode, make a call and check if the microphone is working. If it works in safe mode then you need to find and uninstall the app that is causing the problem.

9. Get it fixed

Have it repaired

If all methods failed to fix the microphone problem on Android, your phone probably has a faulty microphone. If your microphone is faulty, have it repaired by the service center.

You can also call the customer service number for more information about the phone. You don’t have to spend anything if your phone is under warranty. However, if your phone is beyond the warranty period, you will have to pay the microphone repair cost.

These are some of the best methods to fix microphone not working on Android smartphones. Let us know in the comment box below if you know of any other methods to fix the microphone issue.

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