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How to Enable Google Discover Dark Mode in 2023

The dark mode trend is long gone since all major apps and services implemented it. When it comes to Google, now every Google Apps follows your system’s theme.

If you use Google to search the web, you may be familiar with the Discover. Google Discover shows users content related to their interests, and the suggestions are based entirely on your account’s web and app activity.

Although the feature is very useful, many users have encountered issues while using it. Several users have reported that the dark mode not working on google discover, even if the operating system uses a dark theme. Several users have reported text and contrast issues in both light and dark modes.

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The best ways to enable Google Discover Dark Mode

So, if you are having trouble with Google Discover Dark Mode or unable to activate it, continue reading the article. Below we have shared some of the best ways enable dark mode in Google Discover.

Google Discover Dark Mode – How to Enable?

The best and easiest way to enable Google Discover Dark Mode is to change the system theme settings to dark. Here’s how to change the mode from the display settings.

1. Open your Android app drawer and tap the Institutions app.


2. Tap Display and brightness when the Settings app opens.

Display and brightness

3. On the Display & Brightness screen, select the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode

4. Close the Display & Brightness page and open the Discover food. You will now see Google Discover dark mode.

Discover food

That is it! This is the easiest way to enable dark mode on Google Discover. Change the theme mode to Light if you ever want to disable Google Discover Dark mode.

Force Dark Mode to enable Google Discover Dark Mode

Sometimes operating system bugs can prevent Google Discover from adapting to the dark theme. In that case, you need to force dark mode from developer options. Here’s what to do.

1. Open your Android app drawer and tap Institutions.


2. In Settings, go to the About device > Build number. Now tap on the build number 7 times in a row to activate the developer options.

Build number

3. Once enabled, return to Settings and select Developer options.

Developer options

4. Now scroll down to the hardware accelerated rendering and enable the Override force dark switch.

Override force dark

5. After enabling the Override force-dark, you need to open Google Discover and check if the dark mode is enabled.

That is it! This is how to force dark mode on Android to enable Google Discover dark mode.

How to fix erratic text and contrast in Google Discover?

If you’re experiencing other issues like erratic text and contrast while using dark mode on Google Discover, there are quite a few things you can do to fix it.

Since the actual reason for the problem is still unknown, we have to rely on basic troubleshooting tips to fix it. These are the best things you can do.

  • Restart your Android smartphone.
  • Disable battery saver mode (if enabled)
  • Calibrate your phone’s screen with third-party apps.
  • Disable the Override force-dark in the Developer options.
  • Use Google Discover in Light mode.
  • Use a different theme or background on your smartphone.
  • Install the Android updates.

These are the few best things you can do fix erratic text and contrast in google discover feed.

Google Discover is a great feature as it shows content based on your interest. And having a dark mode on it reduces eye strain and extends battery life.

Google Discover is set to follow your phone’s color theme; that’s why you need to switch to dark mode on your phone first. If your phone does not have a dark mode, follow our guide – How to get dark mode on older Android smartphones.

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