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How to enable and use it?

There can be several reasons why someone wants to use WhatsApp through Proxy Server. Some of the most popular reasons to use Proxy are enhanced security, privacy protection, bypassing the restrictions/blocks, etc.

If you are a WhatsApp user, you may know that the app is banned in many regions. Even if the app is not banned, the government bans the instant messaging app to avoid communication for political reasons.

Internet connection is still a problem in some countries. And when users don’t have internet to communicate through an instant messaging app, they feel trapped. To facilitate those situations, WhatsApp introduced a ‘proxy server‘ choice.

Proxy server on WhatsApp

Knowing that its users are often blocked from using the app, WhatsApp has introduced an option to create a proxy server to connect to WhatsApp.

When users around the world are blocked from using the instant messaging app, volunteers and organizations can create proxy servers to help people reconnect to WhatsApp.

After establishing a connection with WhatsApp, users can freely and securely communicate with others.

How to set up WhatsApp proxy?

You don’t need to use a third-party app or set up a proxy on your smartphone to use WhatsApp Proxy. Instead, WhatsApp provides you with an in-app setting to enable the proxy.

The feature was introduced a few months ago, but many users don’t know about it. The option to Set up WhatsApp proxy is hidden deep under Settings.

According to WhatsApp guidelines, users can set up a proxy using a server with available ports 80, 443, or 5222 and a domain name pointing to the server’s IP address. Below are the steps to enable WhatsApp Proxy.

How to enable WhatsApp proxy on Android?

It’s pretty easy to do enable WhatsApp Proxy on Android. You just need to make sure you’re using the latest version of WhatsApp. So update the app and follow these steps.

1. First, open your Android app drawer and tap WhatsApp.

2. When the WhatsApp app opens, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

three dots

3. Select ‘Institutions‘ from the list of options that appears.


4. In Settings, scroll down and tap ‘Storage & Data‘.

Storage & Data

5. On Storage & Data, scroll down to it Proxy. Then tap proxy settings.

proxy settings

6. Next, on the Proxy screen, turn on the toggle for ‘Use proxy‘.

Use proxy

7. Then tap on the buttonSet up proxy‘ and enter the proxy address. When you’re done, tap the To rescue knob.

Set up proxy

That is it! This is how you turn on WhatsApp Proxy on an Android smartphone.

How to Enable WhatsApp Proxy on iPhone?

WhatsApp app for iPhone also has a feature that allows you to enable the proxy. Here’s how enable WhatsApp Proxy on iPhone.

  • First, update your WhatsApp app for iPhone.
  • After updating, go to Settings > Storage & data.
  • Under Storage and data, tap the Proxy.
  • Then tap the ‘Use proxy‘.
  • Enter the Proxy address and tap the To rescue knob.

That is it! It’s that easy to access WhatsApp on an iPhone through a proxy.

How to enable WhatsApp proxy on desktop?

The feature to enable proxy is only available in the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS. Currently, neither the web version nor the desktop app for WhatsApp has this feature.

However, the company is expected to add the option to enable WhatsApp Proxy in the desktop app soon.

How to fix WhatsApp proxy not working

WhatsApp proxy may not work due to incorrect proxy settings or app issues. First you need to make sure that the proxy server is running and configured correctly.

If everything is fine and WhatsApp Proxy is still not working, here are some things you can do to fix it.

  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Clear WhatsApp cache and data file.
  • Reinstall the WhatsApp app.
  • Check the WhatsApp server.

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So these are some easy steps to take Enable WhatsApp proxy. If you need more help with enabling proxy settings on WhatsApp, let us know in the comments. And if the article helped you, share it with your friends.

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