How to do Perfect Dumbbell Chest Fly

Dumbbells have an added advantage over fixed machines in performing fly’s exercises especially because they incorporate more stabilization fibers and muscle mass.

This exercise targets the pectoral muscles, even though some of your biceps, forearm and shoulder muscles may be used. You can perform this exercise through the following steps.

Step for Perfect Dumbbell Chest Fly –

Starting point:

  • Select your dumbbells; this should be a weight load that you can easily do the full motion with.
  • Get an elevated bench or flat surface that can take your full body length.
  • With dumbbells in your hands, lie on your back on the bench. Your back and head should be flat and your feet should be firmly stepping on the ground.
  • Let your arms straighten out, slightly bending at almost 5-10o.

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Performing the upward phase :

  • Contract your pectorals. Act as if you are gripping an object in their midst; like a pencil.
  • Raise your arms as if you want to cuddle a barrel without allowing your elbows to excessively bend.
  • Your feet should not come off the ground while your lower back should not curve excessively.
  • When the dumbbells come into close contact over your head; that is a complete motion.

Performing the downward phase :

  • Gradually lower your arms without having your elbows bend too much.
  • Your dumbbells should not bounce back down.
  • After finishing the reps, let your dumbbells come to your body’s center and take them gradually to the end of a motion.
  • Raise your feet off the ground and put them on the bench while bending your knees to make this exercise target the pectoral muscles.
  • When descending downwards, keep going until you feel a distinct stretch in your pectoral muscles. Wait for a little while and then go back up.

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With all the above exercises, you can draft a workout schedule and begin your weight training journey. Set your weight training goals and dedicate your time and effort to it.

Note: Remember that training for quality is always better than training for quantity. Therefore, hold short but intense training sessions; that is just enough to work your muscles as envisaged.

With the techniques we’ve discussed so far, I can bet that you’ve been seeing tremendous improvements in your body if you’ve been implementing them. To take this training to the next level, we will now discuss some tips to catapult your bodybuilding efforts to the next level.

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