How many types of Healthy Coffee

Every people drink coffee in regular life. but people don’t know the types of healthy coffee. Naturally Coffee is good for health but if we drink more coffee in a day that time coffee is not good for health. Many types of Coffee are available like cold coffee, creamy coffee, Elaichi Coffee, etc. today I give some coffee types and share my experience with this coffee.

1. Regular Coffee –

Regular Coffee is just coffee and sugar. Coffee is Good for health but if we drink coffee in a limit. daily you drink an only 2-3 cup of coffee if you drink more coffee that time coffee is not good for health.

2. Creamy Coffee –

creamy coffee

Creamy Coffee is a mix of coffee and cream. personally creamy coffee is my favorite coffee. Creamy coffee is very strong and tasty. when every I fight with my friend that time I drink Creamy Coffee to my friend’s money because Creamy is Costly more than regular Coffee. Just tack an example of prise is in “cafe tea regular coffee price is 20 rupees and the creamy coffee price is 90 rupees”.

3. Chocolate Coffee

chocolate coffee

Coffee with chocolate flavor we drink and test is mindblowing. With coffee’s abundance of flavor characteristics and so many delicious Lindt EXCELLENCE flavors to try, the potential for wonderful coffee and chocolate combinations is endless.

4. Cold Coffee

cold coffee

Cold Coffee with not regular coffee. Cold coffee is some different and unique. first time I drink cold coffee in Pune cafe. Really Cold Coffee is amazing in Pune and other South India’s City.

5. Cappuccino Coffee

cappuccino coffee

Basically Cappuccino Coffee is Italian Coffee but today cappuccino is popular in whole over the world. today you will find cappuccino in any coffee shop or cafe. Basically, cappuccino is most drink in all metro city, the reason is small city’s many people don’t know what is cappuccino and this coffee mostly drink in all the movie. so many people think this is very costly coffee and we do not afford cappuccino coffee.

6. Fredo Coffee

freddo coffee

Freddo Coffee is one type of ice coffee. Freddo Coffee is basically used as a diet coffee. In Europe country, Freddo Coffee is the most popular. In Asian Country, Freddo Coffee is not popular and Asian people not like Freddo Coffee because Freddo Coffee is basically diet coffee and Asian People are not like a diet. Many people are don’t know this coffee name even I am also don’t this coffee name, but when I search in google that time I found this coffee name and all the details about this coffee.

7. Mocha Coffee

mocha coffee

Basically Mocha Coffee is like regular coffee but the difference is regular coffee is hot and this is not a hot coffee. Mocha Coffee is very popular in whole over the world. Mocha Coffee is making very simple, just mix coffee in milk and your mocha coffee is ready. every people like mocha coffee and drink one time in life but they are don’t know that this is mocha coffee. many people are known as a regular coffee.

I think that is enough coffee type but this is not all the coffee type. Many coffees are we don’t know like Frappe Coffee, Late Coffee, Glace Coffee, Irish Coffee, Americano  Coffee, and many others. Normally people know about four types of coffee this are regular coffee, creamy coffee,  Cappuccino coffee, and cold coffee. If you like my article then give comment and share with your friends who drink coffee but don’t know types of healthy coffee.

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