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How do I upload a document on Chatgpt? Authentic Simple Methods!

With the advent of chatgpt, generative AI (artificial intelligence) can now be seen everywhere from social media apps to humanoid robots. Although there are still some features of the chatgpt that many users are not aware of. For example, a number of users are curious about how to upload a document on chatgpt, especially those using the free version of the generative AI. The paid version of chatgpt has a built-in mechanism to add the option to upload a document which we are going to discuss. In the case of the free version, there are several ways you can upload any document.

How do I upload a document on Chatgpt?

For Chatgpt Plus users:

  • First, open the chatgpt in your browser and click on the three-dot icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Now tap on settings in the list.
  • In the settings window, click on the ‘beta features’ on the left, then enable the code interpreter on the right.
  • Now go to the GPT 4 model in the same way and choose code interpreter from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, a ‘+’ button appears on the left side of chatgpt’s text field.

For Basic Chatgpt Users:

Method 1 (with Chrome extension):

As we know there is no built-in functionality in chatgpt free version to upload document file of various formats including TXT, PDF, DOC CSV, MD, TS, TSX, JSX, JS, PY, HTML, DOCX, XLS , XLSX, and ZIP. Well, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to purchase the chatgpt Plus service just to upload a document. There are a number of ways you can upload a document on chatgpt. One such method involves a Chrome extension.

  • Via Chrome extension:

Here are the ways you can upload a document on chatgpt with the chrome extension.

  • First, click this link to download the chatgpt file uploader.

upload document on chatgpt

  • Now tap on ‘add to Chrome’ as you can see in the image given.

how to upload a document on chatgpt

  • After adding the extension, now open chat.openai.com in another browser. As highlighted in the image, you will see an option to upload the document.

Method 2: Upload a document via a third-party website

There is also a third party website that allows you to upload a document on chatgpt. However, it should be noted that this website only allows you to upload pdf files on chatgpt. However, you can also upload other documents by initially converting them to PDF files.

upload word file on chatgpt

  • After converting the file to PDF, now go to chatpdf.com.

csv file upload chatgpt

  • Now you will see the option ‘drop pdf here’.
  • While uploading a PDF file, you will be taken to another window where the chatbot is integrated. It will answer your questions directly as you can see in the given image.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What happens after I upload a Word document to ChatGPT?

A: After you upload a Word document, ChatGPT can access the content and provide answers based on the information in the document.

Q. Can I upload other document formats besides Word documents?

A: Yes, the “ChatGPT File Uploader Extended” extension supports various document formats such as XLSX, XLS, PDF, TSX, JSX, TS, MD, CSV, CSS, JSON, HTML, PY and more. You can also upload files in these formats.

Q. Are there any file size restrictions for uploading documents?

A: File size limitations may depend on the specific implementation of the “ChatGPT File Uploader” extension. Some extensions may have file size limitations, so it is advisable to check the extension’s documentation or contact the extension’s developer for specific details.

Q. Can I upload multiple Word documents at once?

The ability to upload multiple documents at once depends on the features of the ChatGPT File Uploader extension. Some extensions may support batch uploads, allowing you to upload multiple documents at once

last words:

These were some of the easiest ways to upload a document on chatgpt. Feel free to reach us in the comment section if you have any questions about the article!

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