Home remedies For Strong and Long Hair

Our hair is most important in glory of our look. Specially every woman and girl dreams soft,silky and long hair, but without proper care, we cannot have long and silky hair. Every girl want to long and silky hair but due to pollution, stress, smoking, environmental effects, nutrition deficiencies, mental stress, genetic problems, hormonal imbalance, strong chemical based hair products, other scalp infections the hair is losing its elegance, strength, and glow.

Some Basic and Important Tips for Strong and Long Hair :

1. Avocado

Avocado is most helpful in hair damage.this makes hair better shiny and silky, Avocado is rich and is better to treat dry and damaged hair.In today Many Shampoo and conditioner company use avocado in products.

2. Onion Juice


Onion Juice is very effective home remedy for long hair and is used on the scalp for better results.Onion Juice very helpful in hair growth. if we use in week onion juice for our hair than our hair growth is more than three time of normal growth.

3. Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil is very helpful for hair growth, silky hair and shiny hair. Science say that we have use coconut oil daily for our hair.Coconut oil is give shine of our hair and hair is looking good naturally.Coconut oil is also make our hair strong.

4. Beer


Beer is also best tonic for our hair growth and hair damaged. we can use beer in hair with shampoo or conditioner. beer is very helpful for damaged hair.

5. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is very popular and useful for hair growth.Aloe Vera is make our hair strong, silky, smooth and long. aloe vera is very popular for hair and skin in India and other Asian Country.Its juice also enriches the metabolic rate of the skin. Applying its pulp on scalp also gives nourishes in hair.

This all are most popular and common tips for hair growth and silky hair.Other basic care is like always dry your hair after shampoo, don’t use shampoo daily, whenever you use shampoo that time always use conditioner, if possible than don’t use hair color, if possible than don’t use hair dryer for dry your hair. always dry your hair using of towel.

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